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Work environment with cutting tool installation points of the CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-23
CNC lathe work environment with cutting tool installation points of the release date: 2019 - 07 - 26 clicks: 409 times of CNC lathe CNC lathe work environment with cutting tool installation points of normal used must meet the following conditions: 1. The position of the machine tool should be far away from the source, should avoid direct sunlight, and the influence of thermal radiation, avoid the influence of humidity and airflow. Near the source such as machine tools, the machine should be set up around the antivibration ditch. Otherwise will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, makes the electronic components poor contact, failure, affect the reliability of the machine tool. 2. General numerical control lathe in machining workshop installation, not only environmental temperature change is big, poor conditions of use, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, power grid volatility. Therefore, the location of the numerical control lathe installation, need to have strict control power supply voltage. The power supply voltage fluctuation must be within the scope of the permit, and remained relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the normal work of the CNC system. 3. Numerical control lathe ambient temperature below 30 ℃, relative humidity is less than 80%. In general, the numerical control electric cabinet with internal fan or cooling fan, to maintain the electronic components, especially the CPU working temperature or constant temperature difference is very small. High temperature and humidity will lead to lower control system component life, and leads to failure. The increasing of temperature and humidity, dust can produce binder in integrated circuit boards, and cause a short-circuit. 4. When using the machine, not allowed to change the parameters of the control system within the factory setting. Set these parameters directly related to the dynamic characteristics of machine parts. Only the backlash compensation parameter values can be adjusted according to actual condition. User can't change machine accessories, such as using the above specification of the hydraulic chuck. When factory set up attachment, give full consideration to the link parameters matching. Blind change caused the link parameters do not match, even causes the accident that can't estimate. Using hydraulic chuck, hydraulic head and tailstock, hydraulic oil cylinder pressure, should be in the range of the allowable stress does not allow any improvement. CNC lathe usually, turning point should be as high as the summits of tool workpiece axis, rough machining and turning large diameter workpieces, appropriate tip slightly higher than the workpiece axis: when finishing point appropriate is slightly lower than the workpiece axis, but in the finish machining cone, arc contour, turning point must be strictly with the axis of the lathe tool workpiece contour. Turning a slender shaft, stand in the center of the follower rest or, in order to make the knife spire artifacts, tool appropriate offset to the right installation, form the main Angle slightly less than 900. To produce certain radial force, make the long and thin axis on the pillar with the pressure in the carrier, to avoid the shaft to beat; Without using lathe tool cutter bar follow rest or center frame support, installation tools appropriate to left, to form a slightly larger than in the 900's main Angle, in order to make the radial cutting force small as far as possible. Turning out length shoulds not be too long, in order to prevent the cutting vibration caused by poor stiffness, resulting in the workpiece surface roughness, vibration, a knife, a knife and a series of problems. General lathe tool out length no more than 1 cutter bar height. 5 times, in other tools or not with top head, tail collision or interference, or workpiece clamping tool try out the shortest as well, if the length of cutting tool in cutting position out of short time as far as possible, cause other tools or tool post interferes with the top, the tailstock center frame, can change the installation location or order. The bottom of the tool rod to level off. Using a gasket, pads to level off. The front end of the gasket should be aligned, gasket is generally not more than z. Cutting tool installation is strong. Generally use two fixed screw alternately tighten, tighten inspection again after the tip and workpiece axis. When using the machine clamp indexable tool, blades and gasket to wipe clean, use screw blade, appropriate to tighten the force. Thread cutting, thread cutter Angle points in line should be strictly vertical axis and artifacts. Can use a thread to knife is completed by the knife plate and the universal Angle ruler.
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