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Why is slant bed CNC lathes are difficult to replace a product on the market at present

by:SNK     2020-09-04
Why say slant bed CNC lathe is currently on the market are difficult to replace a product release time: 2019 - 09 - 29 clicks: why do you say 314 times slant bed CNC lathe is currently on the market are difficult to replace a product of high efficiency and low noise design of slant bed CNC lathe is now on the market to compare a product to the fire, because of easy manipulator device, to complete the single active, cover an area of an area small, machine tool appearance succinct has been a lot of love. Slant bed CNC lathe cross-sectional area than with the specifications of the flat bed is big, the stronger resistance to bending and torsional ability. Slant bed CNC lathe tool is cutting down over the Angle of the workpiece, the cutting force and the gravity of the artifacts direction, so the spindle running relatively stable, not easy to cause cutting vibration, and flat bed when CNC lathe cutting, cutting tool and cutting force produced by the artifacts and artifact gravity into 90 & deg; , easy to cause vibration. Slant bed CNC lathe is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of automatic machine tools. Equipped with multi-station dao tower or power tower, the machine has a wide range of process performance, machinable straight cylindrical, slash cylinder, circular arc and a variety of thread, groove, worm and other complex artifacts, compensated by linear interpolation, arc interpolation function, and in the mass production of complex parts in good economic effect. Slant bed CNC lathe installation 1, slant bed CNC lathe on the basis, must be in a free state, leveling, and through the anchor bolt locking. 2, in terms of ordinary machine tool, and its level readings will not higher than 0. 04/1000 mm, and if it is a high precision CNC machine tools, level is not higher than 0. 02/1000mm。 The installation precision is measured in, we tend to be under constant temperature, temperature measurement tools over a period of time shall be used later. 3, during installation, as far as possible to reduce the numerical control machine tool caused by forced deformation of the installation method. 4, the installation can not be casually take certain parts of the machine tool to be removed, if removed some parts, is likely to cause stress in CNC lathe is allocated to once again, which affect precision of machine tools. Slant bed CNC lathes are widely used in aviation, electronics, glasses, lighters and other medium-sized parts processing, the accuracy of plus or minus 0. In 005, the slant bed adopts hard in CNC lathe, gear, hydraulic clamping, so become very difficult to replace on the market at present medium parts processing machine tool.
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