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When the car is in high-speed machining nc state can want to pay attention!

by:SNK     2020-08-27
When the car is in high-speed machining nc state can want to pay attention! Release date: 2019 03 - 25 clicks: 2737 nc vertical lathe in high-speed machining can want to pay attention! In lathe industry, such as CNC vertical lathe the new lathe equipment has been used very widely, the device is based on the basis of traditional lathe will occupy area is reduced to a minimum, while the vertical lathe belong to large mechanical equipment, but compared with the conventional lathe is much smaller. This is a new generation of vertical lathe has so many advantages, but these advantages for staff in the industry is very favorable. CNC vertical lathe with a new design concept design and become, to staff the most commonly used to workbench mesa design became a level model, and in the use of this pattern makes the staff no longer like past trival, when using the workpiece clamp is installed at the same time also more convenient, has brought many benefits to staff. There is the existence of this kind of vertical lathe after all the operation process is not complicated, and the work efficiency and precision are also reached a very high level. At the same time the vertical lathe is low on operating environment requirements, basically daily temperature. Nc vertical lathe has good stability and seismic performance, vertical structure, the convenient clamping workpiece, cover an area of an area small, adopts oil-water separation structure, make the water clean environmental protection lasting, separate cooling water tank, easy cleaning cartridge precision, high stiffness spindle structure, easy maintenance, spindle sleeve symmetry, hanging design, all the better to eliminate thermal distortion effect on the machining accuracy of nc vertical lathe, high power ac spindle motor, to enhance the stability of the machine tool, the spindle imported advanced lubricating grease, fully enclosed, saddle, pillar and maintenance-free guide overweight load is linear rolling guide, good dynamic response performance, high accuracy stable, equipped with high quality. Under the normal speed of cone, widely used in between the tool and spindle rotating at high speed, due to the solid taper shank can't happen like spindle hole subjected to centrifugal force & other Swell & throughout; A gap between, cause tool swinging in the cone hole, that cause the tool's axial positioning error and damage the structure of dynamic balance. In order to overcome the shortcomings about the worse performance of highways, have developed some of the connection is suitable for high speed cutting. In order to make the nc vertical lathe of high speed cutting knife with sufficient service life and low cutting force, should according to different workpiece materials, choose the best Angle of cutting tool geometry. Compared with the ordinary cutting, high speed cutting tool rake Angle generally smaller or even negative rake Angle, Angle after a little older, and often use tip rounding or chamfering point to increase knife rake Angle, in order to prevent the hot point in wear. Due to the rotation of the high speed cutting tool to work under high rotational speed, centrifugal force problem is very outstanding, so for the sake of their blade structure and blade clamping structure should be very reliable, at the same time, through strict dynamic balancing instrument is needed in the dynamic balance, zui good can be further installed on the machine and spindle components together into the balance.
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