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When chuck is analysed for CNC lathe machining

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Chuck up. the influence on numerical control lathe processing when the release date: 2019 - 10 - 17 clicks: 296 times chuck up. the influence on numerical control lathe processing when chuck is called elastic clamp or collet. Is a device used in the numerical control lathe on a used to drill bit or milling cutter is a kind of cylindrical fixture. Is a kind of used to fixed modification of parts of a fixed device. Its function mainly includes: 1. Control the movement of the machine, such as the engine valve spring, control of clutch spring, etc. 2. Absorb vibration and impact energy, such as buffer spring under the car, train carriages, coupling of the vibration-absorbing springs, etc. 3. Storage and output energy as power, such as clock spring, spring in the gun etc. 4. Used as the load components, such as force-measuring device, spring in the spring balance etc. The ratio of the load and deformation of the spring called spring stiffness, the stiffness, the greater the spring harder. Collet chuck is the main application of numerical control lathe processing manufacture time of the parts, so the spring collet chuck quality and installation are automotive bring great influence on the use of numerical control lathe, need to pay attention to when choosing chuck: spindle speed collet chuck, often with very high spindle speed during turning is better choice, there are two main reasons, one is related to the quality of the chuck, assuming the same horsepower driving card jaw chuck and collet chuck, a thick card jaw chuck take longer to accelerate to achieve the required speed, accelerating time is long will lengthen working cycle, reduce the productivity. Another reason related to the centrifugal force, because it as the RPM square value increases, so, in the case of high speed cutting, this number is very important. For example, double spindle speed, centrifugal force will be four times as great. This force will chuck jaw to pull away from the center, tends to reduce the holding force. But the collet chuck, the influence of the centrifugal force will not result in obvious. Therefore, within the scope of the whole processing speed clamping force will be more stable. Workpiece size collet chuck: very suitable for less than 3 inches in diameter of workpiece. Collet chuck to limit the length of the workpiece, collet chuck to limit the axial numerical control lathe, The Z axis) Range, because of its length is longer than the jaw chuck. In fact, the speed of the collet chuck is elastic, if the size is consistent, collet chuck speed will be faster. If the size of the workpiece, may need to use jaw chuck to adapt to the size of a wide range of machining.
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