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What is the difference between a combination machine tools and common machine tool?

by:SNK     2020-08-29
What is the difference between a combination machine tools and common machine tool? Release date: 2020 03 - 09 clicks: 205 times combination machine tools is a kind of special high automation technology and equipment, widely used in automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engines and compressors many industrial production field, is mechanical industry department & other; Machine tool & throughout; 。 In the industrial developed countries, combination machine tools also permeate development in other areas, such as modular machine tool design has been widely used CAD workstation, shortened the design cycle and delivery time; Fine art production methods, modularization and generalization level and stable, modular machine tool manufacturers work closely with factory applied this method to accelerate the design and manufacture of special equipment, etc. Combination machine tools automatic line technology development today, has been into the mature stage of development, the progress of automatic line in flexible, will drive the world industrial production system into a new round of fierce competition, turned towards the development of efficient way. With the rapid development of economy, to promote the continuous improvement of productivity of in our country, accelerate the pace of optimizing the structure of industrial production. Combination machine tools is a modern enterprise in the production of essential production equipment. It can be widely used because of its unique production advantages, perfect the enterprise production equipment, reduce the input of labor, improve the economic benefits of enterprises. What is the difference between the combination machine tools and traditional machine tools? First of all, universality and flexibility of the modular machine tool. Versatility refers to the combination of machine tool parts are universal together, if flexibility is refers to the combination machine tools when some parts need to be replaced, can buy the same type of parts on the market, do not need to be back to the original order. This saves a lot of for the enterprise because of equipment failure to repair time. The traditional machine tool failure is to need my original return to repair, this is very time consuming. Then is the combination of modern machine tools is the representative product of automation technology, is based on the traditional machine tool qualitative leap. It can make enterprise efficient production and improve the production time, thereby improving labor products per unit time, to help enterprises improve market competitiveness, improve the economic benefit, optimize the structure of enterprise production. Finally is compared with traditional machine tool modular machine tool is more simple and easy in operation. This allows businesses to reduce labor input, and training of employees familiar with the operation time. Modular machine tool's habitual use when there is no better technology to replace combination machine tools is still the best choice at present. Since the birth of the first combination machine tools to the popularity of combination machine tools all over the world. Even in industrial development in China is relatively slow until today combination machine tools has experienced dozens of years so that people when use habits no better products to perfect replacement, and can make better results in the past, people don't want to be with other products.
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