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What is the core of the CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-30
What is the core of the numerical control lathe release date: 2019 - 11 - 15 author: click: to know the small CNC lathe basic structure and basic principle of work, is the basic guarantee for improving the capability of CNC lathe failure analysis. It is the evolution of the lathe. Because of the high precision requirements are generally. Now a lot of enterprise is the numerical control machine tool equipment, so it is more convenient to operate. If just the operation is very simple, a little can under study or training. Parts in CNC lathe processing operation, the operator must first according to the drawings to design a set of processing solution, then the parts processing, write in lathe control device for edit state ( EDIT) Of writing good processing program for input, storage in the numerical control device of memory. Through numerical control lathe numerical control device for decoding information code, check, processing and operation, after operation result in the form of a digital signal assigned to the machine tool coordinate of the servo system. Servo system of machine tool coordinate each receives the signal from the numerical control device, through the servo system after gear drive machine tool's moving parts, making CNC lathe in accordance with a predetermined speed, range and route for processing action, so as to work out to meet the requirements of all kinds of spare parts. Numerical control lathe is developed by modern machines, it is made of information carrier, the numerical control equipment, servo system and machine tools such as ontology of four parts. Compare the general lathe numerical control lathe, its processing power has been significantly improved, and some are difficult to machining or not past artifacts can also processing, can be said of CNC lathe to daily life brought a lot of benefits. On the CNC lathe processing, according to part drawing program, most of the programming code and instruction pattern accords with ISO standard and the corresponding national standard, will then the program through the information carrier in NC or CNC, announced by CNC system based on the content of the program instructions, on the one hand, the motor servo system after transmission equipment movement of the machine to perform a manipulation, on the other hand, other auxiliary motion of the machine manipulation, such as spindle speed, steering, cooling pump drive stops, etc. , concerted action, both common end processing content. The core of the NC equipment small CNC lathe, is often said that NC ( General nc equipment) Or CNC ( Computer numerical control equipment) , NC is a method of numerical control lathe development initial period, now most of the numerical control lathe using CNC system. Numerical control equipment is read in equipment input under the action of processing information, after decoding process and operation, announced the corresponding order pulse in the servo system, completion of parts processing. Machine body is mainly mechanical components, including the main moving parts and feed movement parts and bearing parts, etc. On CNC lathe parts, mechanical parts structure is universal machine tool a brief, but the requirements of the various technical indicators to be higher than common machine tool.
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