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what factors affects the cost of cnc machining?

by:SNK     2019-08-24
As we all know, the cost of CNC machining is very high, but many factors lead to the cost of these machines.
But before we talk about what makes them so expensive, let\'s take a look at what CNC machining is.
When the movement of factory tools and machinery is made by pre-
The computer software programmed in the manufacturing process is what we call CNC machining.
This process can control a variety of complex machines such as grinding machines, lathes, milling machines and routers. Three-
The CNC machine and the size cut done very quickly became easy.
As suggested by \"computer CNC\" or CNC name, the ownership of manual work is reduced.
However, this new technology requires the operator to enter the command.
The CNC system looks like a normal computer, but the software program in it makes it different from other computers.
However, this is CNC machining when the cost problem appears in the picture.
The cost of the part depends on a variety of factors, no matter where you work.
Let\'s take a look at these factors. 1)
The number of parts is related to the number of parts ordered by the goods, which actually reflects the total cost.
The reason is that big orders cost more, but if you have a higher number of parts, the price will drop per extra unit.
This can be understood as the larger the order, the more the final cost will be, but the unit cost will be reduced.
Another important factor is the turnaround time, in which case the time required to ship the part.
The cost of the parts shipped in a few weeks will be cheaper than the parts shipped in a day or two. 2)
The selection of materials the materials used in machine parts affect costs in two ways: the cost of raw materials varies from material to material, and some materials are more expensive than others.
On the other hand, some materials are difficult to manufacture compared to other materials.
It is more expensive if a material has a lower operability.
If this material is dangerous, production costs will soar, taking into account safety measures.
The common types of materials are:)Metals-
Copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, alloy, titanium B)Plastics-
PVC, Delrin, extruded nylon, acrylic and polyethylene 3)
The equipment needed to make the equipment used today is different and very expensive.
You should know that a part can be done with more than one part
More than one shaft machine or you need.
In addition, it is necessary to understand the needs of different machines.
Ability and shape-
The size of the required equipment is also added to the factors that reflect the total cost. 4)
The geometry of the part geometry/part size of the part is treated as the part geometry.
If the part is large, it will generate more manufacturing costs due to the need for more material.
In addition to large parts, complex and detailed parts also increase the cost.
This is because more processes are instilled in complex parts.
It\'s easy to design expensive parts when the machine is in the design phase, so you have to contact
Educated manufacturers can help you make functional and efficient parts. 5)
The tolerance of the part is its physical proximity to the design deposition.
The measurements are carried out in inches of a few or a few percent.
If part of the unnecessary tight tolerances due to complexity or demand, the overall cost increases.
One side of the part\'s interface with other parts should be retained for strict tolerances. 6)
The labor cost of manufacturing parts, involving a certain number of mechanics, should be paid for their efforts.
When a complex or difficult part is involved, the production cost is increased.
These experts mainly learn from their work experience, not from the University.
The more Labor needed to produce parts, the higher the cost of production.
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