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Want to nc vertical lathe are 'dynamic' take curing it

by:SNK     2020-08-29
Want to nc vertical lathe are 'dynamic' take maintenance release time: it is 2019 - 12 - 09 clicks: 261 times to nc vertical lathe are & other; Energy & throughout; Please make good curing it, regardless of what the machine after long time use will inevitably appear problem, so how to prolong the life of CNC vertical lathe components as well as the corresponding parts wear life, prevent the occurrence of accidents and other problems, then let a small CNC vertical lathe longer life and maintain & other; Health & throughout; The work? Different CNC vertical lathe at the time of maintenance has its own corresponding requirements, rules on the use of it in nc vertical lathe has instructions, that was very good to request our operator to know the rules of the corresponding nc vertical lathe using content, but also good to get to know the structure of the nc vertical lathe and systems, and to maintain, only do that we can more to reduce the problems arising from the nc vertical lathe is in use. We want to do a good job of prevention of CNC vertical lathe, certainly not sure of a nc vertical lathe operator, maintenance personnel and management to complete together. In this way can the nc vertical lathe maintenance work best. We want to put the things in the important position, so as to ensure the nc vertical lathe are operated in a good environment, also can prevent the emergence of the problem. 1. CNC vertical lathe lubrication system: use a month to replace lubricating oil to the original, after every 3 - Six months after replacement, tank below the drain plugs, resources available. And pay attention to the oil change, the cleaning tank internal and filter at the same time. 2. Please correction before nc vertical lathe work on grinding wheel balance. Must be in accordance with the work material, hardness, choice of grinding wheel. With grinding wheel spindle end flange should be thin oil film coating to prevent rust, pay attention to the spindle rotation direction. Banning the use of air cleaners crops and machine, must keep the vacuuming pipe cleaning, otherwise it will cause burning, also note oil window oil whether smooth, pay attention to clean. 3. Casting CNC vertical lathe chuck maintenance: permanent magnet sucker or electromagnetic sucker disk material grinding accuracy for work can find out the benchmark, should be completed for maintenance and maintenance. If they work precision sent or disk damage, disk must be regrinding, disk precision meets requirements, to ensure that the work precision. CNC vertical lathe homework finished, everywhere especially sliding parts, the parts should be oiled after brush try clean. Remove the different parts of grinding chips. CNC vertical lathe is not dependent on operator's skill, cutting speed, can work out a better, higher consistency tool. CNC cutting can also adopt toughness higher cutting tool material, this tool can ensure higher cutting speed, to form a better surface roughness. CNC vertical lathe has a number of coolant options, use the high pressure cooling fluid can prevent the cutting edge fever, so that cutting speed is higher, longer tool life.
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