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Want to improve the efficiency of nc lathe can from these aspects

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Want to improve the efficiency of nc lathe can be released from the several aspects of time: 2019 - 11 - 05 clicks: 283 times in the process of nc machining, the reasonable cutting dosage can improve the efficiency of nc lathe. When 10 times higher cutting speed, feed speed increased by 20 times, far beyond the traditional cutting area, cutting mechanism of fundamental changes have taken place. The result is: the metal removal rate increased by 30% - of unit power 40%, cutting force was reduced by 30%, the cutting life of dao ju increased by 70%, greatly reduces the left on the workpiece cutting heat, cutting vibration is almost disappear; Cutting the essential leap. According to the current CNC numerical control lathe, increase per tooth feeding, increase productivity and tool life. Tool in CNC lathe as the role of wheels for cars. Manufacturing tool material must have a high temperature hardness and wear resistance, the necessary bending strength, impact toughness, and chemical inertness, good manufacturability, Machining, forging and heat treatment, etc. ) And out of shape not easily. Good dao ju can improve the efficiency of machining and the cutting precision of the workpiece. The rest of the factors such as power supply, familiar with the operation, with makings reasonable factors will affect the numerical control lathe machining. Numerical control lathe spindle adopts high performance of CVT and servo system, mechanical transmission structure is greatly simplified, transmission chain shortened. New structure stiffness and good vibration resistance vertical lathe, such as dynamic and static pressure bearing spindle parts, steel plate welded structure of supporting elements, etc. In efficiency, stiffness, and so on various aspects has high transmission precision components, such as ball screw pair, hydrostatic worm pair and plastic sliding guide rail, rolling guideway and hydrostatic guideway. Spindle, tool post structure and the cutting tool and workpiece automatic clamping, automatic tool change device, automatic chip removal and automatic lubrication cooling device, etc. , to improve working conditions, improve the productivity. Using the cutting fluid can reduce friction in the process of cutting, reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature. Rational use of cutting fluid, in improving the service life of cutting tools, processing the workpiece surface quality and machining precision plays an important role. CNC lathe processing technology is training master the practical operation and programming of CNC lathe technology of senior skilled workers, the content of which has been widely applied around the current operation and programming of CNC lathe are organized. Only learned and skillful command of the knowledge, to improve the machining efficiency, its main content includes: 1. Practical nc car must master the basic knowledge of processing technology, including the introduction of basic principle of the numerical control turning, CNC lathe; 2. Commonly used CNC lathe processing, processing, etc. ; 3. Manual programming or automatic programming using CAD/CAM software for the detailed steps, main technical points and processing; 4. Numerical control programming examples and exercises. With several typical application examples as the background, highlighting the basic concept of numerical control machine tool and NC programming and the key problems, make readers grasp the main points of the study, quickly achieve independent general complex degree of the level of operation and programming of NC machining. Numerical control lathe slider installed correctly, also can effectively improve the efficiency, the steps are as follows: 1. The workbench in the plane of the sliding block, and on the mounting screw hole, gently pressure tight; 2. Tighten the benchmark side sliding block lateral compression device, sliding block and the benchmark side glue on the side of the table base. 3. Tighten the benchmark in diagonal order sliding block on each side and the benchmark screws.
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