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Vertical lathe workbench high-speed inspection instructions

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Vertical lathe workbench high-speed inspection instruction to release time: 2018 - 01 - 26 clicks: 2413 a, opposing the workbench check: 1, ensure the whole workbench foundation mat iron contact stiffness, cannot have contact now Angle; 2, ensure the workbench level; Point to the stiffness is relatively weak to allow with auxiliary mat iron increased to compensate. In inspection of bearings and related parts: 1, the inner and outer ring of bearing installation inspection, on multi-point detection on each ring, at least, is the cross intersection, two points to check whether meet the requirements of a certain brand of matching precision values; 2, for the installation of the bearing pedestal base on the check, look to whether meet the requirements of contact; 3, base on the bearing of the bearing installation check, whether meet the requirements of the drawings of jitter requirements; 4, to the bearing pre-tightening force of two directional relay torque testing, see is accord with the requirement of bearing installation manual, tight appropriately relax; The amount of 5, check the bearing lubrication is enough, or too much, they are a not ideal, lubricating oil quantity according to the recommended value of each brand bearing installation manual inspection, general high with no high speed according to the lower limit value, high speed bearing oil according to the recommended value among the execution. Three, check of the oil: 1, the inspection on oil cleaning degree, especially in high speed spindle bearing, requires high cleanness of the oil. In the way of oil inlet pipe installation at least two filter unit; 2, the selection of oil viscosity, in strict accordance with the recommended by the manual oil lubrication; 3, arrangements for oil lubrication points, to inadequate lubrication of bearings, the level of increase, in order to increase the lubrication effect. Four, about the detection of lubrication station: 1, for each point lubrication in pump station flow testing, conformed to the required value, do not conform to the requirements of the adjusting valves to value; 2, if the adjustment valve cannot reach setting flow value, check to see if the pump meets the requirement; 3, check the relevant line, whether to conform to the requirements of the use of pipe diameter; 4, check whether the oil return is unobstructed, such as back to the pipe line is too thin, proposed increases in power plant, in order to increase oil return rate. Five, the detection for cooling capacity: in high-speed operation, the ability of the oil cooler is key factors, which must be according to the design of oil cooling machine specifications link or greater than the cooling power, otherwise it will bring unnecessary influence. Six, checking of gear transmission: 1, with the big ring gear meshing gear clearance test and gear fit clearance to guarantee; 2, the gear lubrication must be good; 3, to check the firmness of synchronous belt transmission, not too loose or too tight, otherwise it will cause the motor and transmission chain of fever.
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