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Vertical CNC lathe is a fault in the electrical how do we deal with

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Vertical CNC lathe is a fault in the electrical how do we deal with release time: 2016 - 05 - 10 clicks: 2223 times of vertical CNC lathe and processing are, small plate; To cover parts of high strength cast iron base, column, has the good stability and seismic behavior of the vertical structure, the clamping workpiece is also very convenient, covers an area of small; Adopt the structure of the oil-water separation cooling water cooling tank, clean environmental protection lasting separated for cleaning cartridge spindle structure of precision, high stiffness, also facilitate maintenance; Spindle sleeve full symmetry, hanging type design is better to eliminate the influence of thermal deformation of machining accuracy high power ac spindle motor, to enhance the stability of the machine tool spindle imported advanced lubricating grease. Totally enclosed, maintenance free bed saddle, pillar guide overweight load is linear rolling guide, good dynamic response performance, high accuracy stable with high quality vertical electric tool post for 6 station, high rigidity and reliable tool change quickly, the centralized machine operation panel, make the operation more convenient, shortcut X/Z axis adopts the high precision ball screw and screw bearing, good accuracy stable protection, this product is fully closed environment clean. When nc vertical lathe electrical system malfunction is should check like this: 1, nc vertical lathe with alarm indication signal analysis: hardware alarm indication that means including CNC system, servo system, the various status of electronic, electrical devices and failure indicator, combining with indicator light state and the corresponding function that instructs the content may be revealed, and the cause of the problem and elimination method. 2, parameter adjustment method: nc vertical lathe numerical control system, PLC and servo drive system is set many parameters can be modified to adapt the demand of different machine, different working state. These parameters can not only make the electric system to match the specific machine tool, but also make the machine functions necessary to achieve high mineralization. Intuitive method: simple said, is the use of the senses. Asked the breakdown field personnel carefully failure process, failure surface and failure consequences, and in the whole process of analysis is likely to be asked many times. 3, interface state test: modern numerical control system will be more PLC integration in it, and between CNC and PLC is in the form of a series of interface signal communication connection each other. Some failures are related to the interface signal errors or missing, some of these interface signal can be in the corresponding interface board indicator light display and input/output board, some can be displayed on the CRT screen through simple operation, and all the interface signal can use PLC programmer callout. For each ac, dc power supply voltage of the dc and pulse signal is measured, for possible failure. 4, instrument control method using conventional electrical instrument: the groups of ac, dc power supply voltage, the related dc and pulse signal is measured, for possible failure. Such as using a multimeter to check the power supply situation, and for certain sets of related signal status of points on a circuit board measurement, use oscilloscope to observe relevant pulse signal amplitude, phase, or even whether, with PLC programmer find the failure parts and causes in the PLC program etc.
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