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Users should pay attention to what aspects of small CNC lathe turning processing

by:SNK     2020-08-27
Users should pay attention to the small CNC lathe turning processing what aspects of the release date: 2019 - 03 - 21 author: small make up click: commonly referred to as 'digital program control lathe for the CNC lathe, it is controlled by the CNC device or computer to a highly efficient automatic lathe, it summarized using the automatic control technology, computer technology and precision measurement technology, hydraulic pneumatic technology, and used the new technology in such aspects as structure of lathe. CNC lathe is the processing of various operation requirements, such as speed, clamp the workpiece, feed, recede cutter, automatic driving and parking, coolant supply, etc. , related to the displacement between the workpiece and tools. CNC lathe spindle units, some only one spindle parts, have more than one. Numerical control lathe spindle is refers to the machine tool shaft, used to drive the workpiece or tool rotation. It's a ladder hollow shaft. Numerical control lathe hollow shaft to occupy the space is opposite bigger, but the weight can be reduced. According to the mechanical analysis of material, when the torque through the shaft transmission, transfer effective torque is higher, the effect of external because from the radial cross section observation. When CNC lathe axis need to pass a big torque, need more thick shaft diameter. Due to the influence of the axial part of the torque is small, so usually use hollow to reduce the weight of the axis of rotation. Numerical control lathe spindle parts are usually made of the main shaft, bearing and transmission parts ( Gear or pulley) Composition. Small CNC lathe processing craft processing technology is similar to that of a general lathe, but as a result of the numerical control lathe is a clamping, continuous active processing end all turning process, and therefore should pay attention to the following respects. Reasonable selection of cutting dosage: about high power metal cutting processing, processed materials, cutting, cutting conditions are three main factors. The resolution of processing time, cutting tool life and processing quality. Economic useful processing method must be selected the cutting condition is reasonable. Cutting condition of three elements: the cutting speed, feed and cutting depth directly cause damage to the tool. Along with the progress of cutting speed, the tip temperature increase, the mechanical, chemical, thermal will happen. Cutting speed progress 20%, cutting tool life spans would cut 1/2. Feed conditions and tool wear back contact in minimum range. But feeding, cutting temperature rise, wear back. It is smaller than the influence of cutting speed on tool. The influence of cutting depth on cutting tools while there is no cutting speed and feed, but in small cutting deep, by cutting material hardening layer, also affects the cutting tool life spans. Users according to be processed material, hardness, cutting condition, material varieties, feeding selected using the cutting speed, cutting depth, etc. Suitable processing conditions was selected on the basis of these elements selected. Selecting high quality custom CNC lathe processing plants, there are rules, safe wear arrived in stature would be the ideal condition. However, in actual operation, a good tool selection and tool wear, processed scale change, appearance quality, cutting noise, heat and so on.
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