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Understand CNC vertical lathe beam design characteristics of the hoisting mechanism

by:SNK     2020-08-29
Understand CNC vertical lathe beams hoisting mechanism design characteristics of release time: 2019 - 12 - 05 clicks: 286 times to understand beams hoisting mechanism design features of nc vertical lathe CNC vertical lathe can be efficient, finish all kinds of casting, forging, welding high strength ferrous metal, nonferrous metal parts. Can be processed workpiece inside and outside the cylinder, cone, sphere, both inside and outside both inside and outside groove, plane, thread, rotating curved, drum CAM, planar CAM, etc. The bearing seat, shaft sleeve, transition ring, manhole flange, spherical watts for typical machining parts. CNC vertical lathe by using high speed steel and carbide cutting tools for ferrous and non-ferrous metals coarse fine turning inside and outside, inside and outside the cone surface, sphere, cylinder surface of revolution, plane, and inch thread, cylinder spiral groove processing, etc. Suitable for the following material and hardness of parts: 25 cr1mo, 42 crmo, etc; Heat treatment condition: HB225 - conditioning treatment 342; Carburizing and quenching treatment: HRC50-60; Typical parts, bearing, spherical watts, collar for typical machining parts. CNC vertical lathe beams hoisting mechanism design: general nc vertical lathe beams work: beam by trapezoidal thread screw drive, the lifting box in the column above, driven by ac motor through the worm pair to screw. Beam position is determined, on the left and right before and after the clamp, clamp around first, then before and after clamping. Beam clamping force comes from the hydraulic cylinder at the ends of the beam, the clamping device similar to the gear and rack mechanism, gear and rack move up and down movement of beam, the movement to the location of the need to use a clamp to intensify fixed. Hydraulic drive, although there are many advantages but long time use hydraulic oil leakage phenomenon is inevitable, so most of the domestic nc vertical lathe beams hoisting mechanism in mechanical modification, are generally of the original machine screw down with ball screw, the old motor to replace the original machine into stepper motor, and then replace the corresponding screw nut slider and bearing, this structure design must also want to add a self-locking device, using the cost of the ball screw is high, transformation of the total cost will be higher. Starting from the actual work needs, through the practice exploration can be directly USES the worm gear and worm drive mechanism, this design can not only satisfy all action, also simplifies the equipment control. Based on the beam itself self-respect self-respect and related parts is calculated. Worm and worm wheel self-locking function can meet the needs of strength aspect, this design has simple structure and low cost. In beam transmission mechanism in the process of design and checking, should fully consider the force of the beam, such as the beam's own gravity, slide friction force of gravity, the gravity of the tool rest, sports, etc. , the stress of the beam situation was complex, want to consider fully, can reasonable calculating the stress of the worm gear and worm, design a suitable worm gear and worm.
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