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To explore the 'integrated control' of nc vertical lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-23
To explore the 'integrated control' of CNC vertical lathe using the release date: 2020 - 04 - 03 clicks: 173 nc vertical lathe spindle vertical layout, worktable rotate in the plane of the horizon, tool post for vertical or oblique feeding lathe, belongs to the machining process equipment in the metal cutting machine tools. Generally can be divided into single column and double column. Small car made of single-column, large vertical lathe into a double column type. CNC vertical lathe spindle in a vertical position, the workbench in horizontal plane, the workpiece is more convenient to install. The workbench is supported by rail, good rigidity, smooth cutting. There are several tool rest, and can quickly change the knife, vertical lathe machining accuracy can be achieved IT9 - IT8, surface roughness Ra can be up to 3. 2 - 1. 6um。 Nc vertical lathe are large mechanical equipment, used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small, complex shape of large and heavy artifacts. Such as all kinds of disc, wheel and set of artifacts, end face, cone surface and cylinder bore cylindrical, cone and so on. Also can use attachment to car thread, spherical, such as copying, milling or grinding processing. For vertical lathe spindle axis vertical layout, workbench platform in a horizontal plane, so the workpiece clamp installed and is more convenient. This layout also can reduce the main shaft and the bearing load, so the vertical lathe was able to maintain longer term work precision. Normally, car manufacturers and equipment using terminal customers agree and designated as vertical lathe numerical control system control equipment. But double column vertical lathe machine tool technology action not like numerical control lathe, numerical control milling machine or numerical control machining center equipment so complex, is relatively simple, using the numerical control system is applied to this seem to be overqualified, serious waste of resources, system software integration application of numerical control system for machine tool manufacturing OEM customers, economic cost is higher, suitable for high-end customers; So for low-end customers, application with motion control function of PLC to become a mature and reliable technology solutions. Double column type nc vertical lathe using motion controller as the main controller, the controller built-in biaxial AB phase difference form high-speed pulse output, frequency up to 500 KHZ, and have two axis line and arc interpolation function, support the biaxial hand wheel MPG signal input, support general G code CNC system programming language, M code. Double column type nc vertical lathe two head with a vertical installation, spindle under the condition of the operation, every knife rest of cutting tools with the workpiece machining. Each tool post contains two axis motion control, the left head X axis and Z axis, right axis tool post U axis, W, due to the Z axis and W shaft for vertical installation, requires the servo motor with brake function, to prevent axial movement stops, the load by gravity, causing alarm or servo motor car. Each knife rest two axis movement respectively by a motion controller is responsible for the control; Spindle motor for dc speed regulation system, rotational speed by PLC analog 0 - extension unit output 10 v control; PLC host and other digital quantity expansion unit is mainly responsible for machine auxiliary body action logic control process. It is worth noting that in this scenario, the two controllers are as host expansion unit, and a ribbon cable is used to connect hosts connected directly, other digital quantity expansion unit and analog extension unit also as an extension of the host cell, directly connected by discharge line in accordance with the order. Host controller and the exchange of data between two two-axis interpolation motion controller programming in the control program on the host, the host is responsible for organizing, coordinating, control PC command, extension units running action and electrical signals, such as operation of machine tool parts. Using the real-time exchange of data FROM and TO the instructions ( Including movement command and running state, etc. ) 。 X axis and Z axis, the U axis, W axis motion control commands are inside the controller programming implementation, worldwide, MDI and cycle movement commands are made within the main program. Man-machine frame can according to customer's machine tool technology characteristics, programming configuration of various images of human, convenient manipulation and function of soft component, compared with the numerical control system, image is more simple, intuitive, control more convenient and efficient.
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