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To eliminate the oscillation numerical control lathe?

by:SNK     2020-08-26
To eliminate the oscillation numerical control lathe? Release date: 2018 05 - 16 clicks: 2556 CNC lathe how to eliminate the oscillation? Numerical control system of the oscillation phenomenon has become a common nc whole closed loop system. System oscillation when crawling and vibration fault caused by machine, especially in the horizontal band spin nc workbench shaft axis and the pillar of its system oscillation frequency. The problem has become one of the important factors that affect the normal use of CNC lathe. Cause oscillation of numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe oscillation failure usually occurs in the mechanical part and feed servo system. Causes of oscillation are many, Chen is not to eliminate the mechanical aspects of transmission clearance, the elastic deformation, friction resistance, and many other factors, the influence of the related parameters of servo system is also important on the one hand. Has the branch of ac and dc servo system. Is the whole closed-loop methods used by most of the nc machine tool, the causes of servo vibration roughly four kind of situations: bad position loop and cause unstable output voltage; Speed ring vibration caused by bad; Servo system output voltage adjustable locator is too large to cause distortion; Mechanical drive, such as screw clearance is too large. The distortion of the output parameters of control loop or mechanical transmission clearance is mostly is the main factor causing vibration. They can be through the servo control system for parameter optimization. Numerical control lathe to eliminate the oscillation measures: 1. Closed-loop servo system oscillation caused by some numerical control servo system USES is half closed loop device, and the whole closed-loop servo system must be in its local half closed loop system under the premise of not occur oscillation parameters adjustment, so both the same. 2. Reduce the position loop gain in the servo system has a reference standard, appear oscillation can decrease the gain, but cannot fall too much, because to ensure the system steady-state error. 3. Reduce the load inertia than the load inertia than general Settings in the case of vibration parameters of about 70%, as is shown in such as can't eliminate the fault, should not continue to lower the parameter values. 4. Join the proportion of calculus ( PID) Proportion of calculus is a multifunctional controller, it can not only effectively to current voltage signal proportional gain, adjustable output signal at the same time lag into problems in advance, the oscillation fault sometimes because of the output current, voltage and time lag into advance happens at this time can be adjusted by the PID output voltage and phase current. 5. Using high frequency suppression function has been discussed above is the low frequency oscillation parameters optimization method, and sometimes because of some mechanical CNC system is contained in the high frequency harmonic oscillation cause feedback signal, this make the output torque is not constant, causing vibration. For the high frequency oscillations can be added in the speed loop first-order low-pass filter, filter is the torque. Speed command and feedback signals by the speed controller is converted into torque, torque signal through a first order filter will be as high frequency components, so as to get effective torque control signal. By adjusting the parameters of the equipment can be produced more than 100 hz frequency cut-off, so as to eliminate the effect of high frequency oscillation.
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