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To create a reasonable for CNC lathe processing 'environment'

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Create a reasonable for the CNC lathe processing environment 'release date: 2020 - 03 - 30 clicks: 153 times of CNC lathe users need to emphasize the environment temperature, humidity and air quality impact on lathe processing. For users, in general the environment temperature is lower than 30 ℃, relative humidity is less than 80%, at the same time try to avoid too much dust and corrosive gas effect on machine tools. These indicators can be tested by simple instrument, such as thermometer, hygrometer, general workshop will be equipped with. To meet the requirements of the indicators, on the whole, to keep the production workshop ventilated take a breath, workshop environment to open, spacing between machines and reasonable. Numerical control lathe in addition to put in the shaded ventilated place, but also adjusted by some special equipment, in order to achieve the appropriate environmental conditions. In cooling form has two kinds: local cooling and global cooling. Commonly used devices have fan, air conditioning, the negative pressure fan, air cooler and so on. Fan through mechanical rotating wind, accelerate the air flow, so as to achieve the cooling effect. Advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, simple installation, low cost. Which has the function of air cooling fan can achieve a good cooling effect. The disadvantage is that cooling effect is limited, the dust and humidity did not improve, a single machine is difficult to achieve widespread cooling effect. Air conditioning cooling is the ideal cooling way, the effect is good, function, and the humidity and air quality has improved. Air conditioning can be installed in a local, also can be installed in a whole. But relatively inefficient, the cost is higher also. Negative pressure fan can quickly gathered the workshop in high temperature hot air out of the workshop, let airiness achieve ventilated take a breath of natural cooling effect. General installation on the wall or the window, it is suitable for the workshop area is large, the staff, workshop overall air circulation, bad environment, suitable for cooling as a whole. More air cooler refrigeration function, put on the window through the wet curtain cooling will be outside in the fresh air after cooling, the cold wind into the workshop, this method can increase the freshness of air inside the shop and air oxygen, improve the speed of the workshop air circulation. In addition, part of the air cooler can also by increasing the supply air duct equipment, local cooling and dust removal, the scope to reach the purpose of the peculiar smell. The above cooling way enterprises to make a reasonable choice depending on the type of lathe. In addition, we need to adjust good humidity and air quality. Humidity problems often and cooling can be solved together. If use air conditioning, negative pressure atmosphere can decrease the workshop humidity of the air. So in addition to the equipment can be installed and cooling equipment of form a complete set. If you have any higher requirements, the humidity can also be installed separately in addition to ( Add) Wet machine and other equipment. Numerical control lathe in open air environment basic can guarantee less dust, and fan, cooling fan, etc. Also can achieve certain dust removal effect. But the processing of dust, waste scrap is often difficult to eradicate, by these means, so you also need to be equipped with corresponding professional equipment. Dust removal equipment currently on the market can be roughly divided into mechanical precipitation, filtration, electrostatic precipitation, washing type, also have for the entire workshop dust cleaning solution. Ordinary processing enterprise can according to their own types of machine tools equipped with ready-made dust removal equipment, such as chip removal machine, dust collector, etc. Believe that through the above introduction, you can give a lathe & other; Comfortable & throughout; Working environment!
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