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three electronic machines in an election in india

by:SNK     2019-10-06
3 Electronic machines:-ballot unit, VVPAT and control unit
In the Lok Sabha elections, which will be held on 2019, there are three electronic machines.
The three machines are voting units, paper audit tracking and control units for voter verification, respectively.
The most important thing is the voting unit and the control unit.
Voting units are directly connected to voters who press their own selection button to vote for their chosen candidate.
The control unit is controlled by the voting officer for voting.
If the voting officer presses the voting button, a vote will be made.
Voters can then vote by pressing the button next to the name and symbol of the party or the candidate of their choice.
VVPat is now used to make a clearer vote on the transparency of voters.
This is to show that voters vote in the right way.
Voters can check whether his vote has been given to the right person.
So it\'s a check machine.
Thanks to the Indian electoral commission for developing the concept of free and fair elections over and over again.
Three connections :-
Connections will be made in the form of a BVC or voting unit, a paper audit test machine verified by voters, and a control unit connection.
This means that the wire for the ballot unit will be inserted into the VVPat and the plug from the VVPat will be inserted into the control unit. BU -VVPat -
Should not be pressed when inserting.
However, when the plug is unplugged, the latch at the back should be pressed.
Voting unit :-
This is the unit where voters vote.
Since there is no sealing procedure for this machine, there is no need for the voting staff to worry about it.
But they should check before connecting with other machines.
People should see the number of the machine in detail.
He should look at these 16 buttons carefully.
He must check the number and name of candidates clearly printed on this voting unit.
If locked or not, other buttons besides these should also be checked.
Now, the first task is to connect it to VVPat.
Or paper Audit Tracking for voter verification :-
As a clear inspection system with proof of print, vspat is already running.
Voter Verification Paper Audit Trail allows voters to verify that they voted in the right place.
This modern electronic machine will detect election fraud or failure.
The results will also be provided correctly along with the printed paper stored in VVPat.
After simulation polling, the switch must be switched vertically to lock the switch.
The file that simulates the vote will be cleared and put into a black packet.
A plastic bag will contain this black bag with a tightened pink paper seal.
The two address tags will be knotted outside the vspat door where the printed result paper will come out.
The plug removed from the VVPAT will be inserted into the control unit.
Control Unit :-
This is the most important unit in three electronic voting machines.
It has the power to vote.
The voter will press the voting button on this machine, when the button he selected can vote.
But it should be sealed before allowing someone to vote.
At the beginning, a piece of green paper was properly sealed.
Put the paper on top to leave the green part and put the white part below in the correct position.
Then, people will put special address tags around the closing button with a gala seal.
Then the door outside will close.
The address tag will be knotted with a Gara seal.
Then, the bar seal must be pasted in the correct way.
A is stuck, guide the paper to the right, then change the fold direction to the left, and paste B, then C will automatically;
D will be fixed after one rotation. come.
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