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This paper analyzes the reason of the numerical control lathe spindle is not operation

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Analysis the cause of the CNC lathe spindle is not operation release date: 2019 - 04 - Author: 26 small make up click: often the main problems or CNC lathe spindle rotation is mainly in the CNC. PLC or spindle controller out of the question. Numerical control system using Siemens system here numerical control lathe to the speed of the main drive for a given voltage, PLC as a main spindle box shift logic and external data input of digital speed given value and operation condition of signal transmission. Speed regulation system was announced to the P than 'regulator ready' signal. PLC, after receive the signal can be carried to the spindle controller 'regulator acquit signals', opened the spindle controller, prepare to meet 4 f from the speed of the CNC setting value. Testing machine tool spindle practice speed value of pulse sensor directly with the relevant electrical outlet of corresponding CNC. CNC controller, PLC and spindle here no matter what some PLC, can turn the spindle is not. Based on signal transfer order, when problem of attack 'should be according to the spindle controller usually leaves PLC_ 10 CNC maintenance order to search, first check the regulator ready, signal can exist, check the PLC announced 'regulator free' no signal, if both signal display is normal, can measure the CNC output speed for a given voltage, if no speed for a given voltage, must determine the 6 f barrier in CNCo, of course, tachogenerator to see if you have any questions, such as unstable spiral out of control and rotational speed, will prompt the police. CNC lathe spindle connected to a dc voltage is still can't change, is to clarify the spindle controller failure. CNC lathe custom manufacturer of CNC lathe spindle manually turn the reasons: 1) look for fracture belt transmission caused by the failures of mechanical drive or machine tool is hanged a neutral; (2) the supply of the main shaft of three-phase power supply lacks check the power supply, switching of two power cord; (3) numerical control system of inverter control parameters not open access system specification, variable frequency parameters and change; (4) system and inverter circuit connection error check system and inverter attachment instructions, make sure the attachment correct; (5) present commonly used multimeter to check the system output analog voltage output analog voltage is normal; Check the analog voltage signal wire connection is correct or poor contact, frequency converter receives analog voltage matches; 6 damage of high-voltage electrical control part of the circuit or component to check whether the spindle power supply each contact connected to this circuit is reliable, line ever open circuit, dc relay is damaged, insurance is burn out; Cruelly inverter parameters are not adjusted the inverter contains control mode selection, divided into the inverter control panel spindle way, way of NC system to control the main shaft, etc. , if you don't choose the NC system control mode, the spindle can't use the system control, change the parameters; Check the related parameters setting is reasonable. If small CNC lathe manufacturer of CNC lathe for general motors, a main shaft turn, first check, the operation of the operator is correct. After sure no problem, numerical control lathe maintenance personnel to be able to open the electric control cabinet, find air circuit breaker QF2, check whether the circuit breaker tripping. If the breaker is normal, in the check relay KA1, when to send out the forward instruction system normal, KA1 should suck in, and through contactor coils of KM1, make KM1, absorption and motor power forward. Can check the relay KA1 voltage is normal, contactor KM1 voltage is normal. Which can determine the cause of the spindle motor does not turn.
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