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'These things' of CNC vertical lathe can you still don't know

by:SNK     2020-08-23
CNC vertical lathe, 'these things' you can not know the release date: 2018 - 06 - 28 clicks: 3324 times of CNC vertical lathe can you still don't know about the nc vertical lathe processing, CNC program shall describe the trajectories of the tool relative to the workpiece. In the numerical control turning, formed on the surface of the workpiece depends on the location and shape of the moving blade envelope, but in programming, simply describe tool system on the trajectory of a selected point can. CNC vertical lathe cutter knife site is in programming, cutting tool on the selected representative of cutter location points, procedures described in the processing trajectory is the point of the trajectory. In the numerical control turning, theoretically can choose any point on the tool as a knife site, but in order to facilitate programming and guarantee machining accuracy, knife site selection has certain requirements and skills. In nc machining, the choice of the knife sites generally follow the following rules: vertical milling cutter should be the tool axis and cutting tool base point; Ball end milling cutter is the globe ball head; Bit should be a drill tip; Tool should be imaginary point or point arc center. Nc vertical lathe cutter knife site selection: selection tool, can be directly measured points on the cutter locus and tool length should be consistent as far as possible the determination of the preset point, where possible, knife site should be directly with the size of the high accuracy requirement or difficult to measure the size of the contact, the choice of cutter locus can make the cutter limit position directly reflected in sports instruction program, the programmer should have habitually site selection method of the knife, should not be varied: the selected knife site, should be graphically in figure adjustment of cutting tool. Using cutting tool presetters knife, measuring point P1 than P2 convenient point, so select P1 for knife site is better than P2, but if the tool position adjustment and compensation is based on trial cut method, and the small round ring groove machining accuracy higher than that of great accuracy, chose the P2 for knife site is better than P1. CNC vertical lathe how to effectively prevent leakage of nc vertical lathe variable speed drive enclosure and valve leakage of the shaft seal is connected to form a whole, or should have reliable string of leakage prevention measures. Part of the casing without sundry, gear wheels should have protection of grease. CNC vertical lathe open-close direction of the valve actuator valve operation, all should be clockwise closing. As the valve in the pipeline, is often of artificial opening and closing, unfavorable and overmuch, nc vertical lathe open-close revolutions is large diameter valves also should be 200 - 600 RPM. In order to facilitate a person's opening and closing operation, in a plumber pressure condition, the biggest open-close torque appropriate for n - 240 m。 The valve opening and closing operation side should be square tenon, standard and size, and face to the ground, so that people can be directly from the ground. Valves shall not apply to the underground pipe network with roulette. CNC vertical lathe of opening and closing of closing point nc vertical lathe display panel valve opening and closing degree of calibration, shall be cast on or after the transformation direction of gearbox cover plate shell, face to the ground without exception, the scale line brush on phosphor powder, as a prominent; Dial needle material under the condition of management better available stainless steel plate, or paint for steel plate, do not use the aluminum skin production; Dial needle striking, fixation. Can't cut the nc vertical lathe transmission box body and the valve shaft sealing parts of the connection into a leak, if there is a leak nc vertical lathe we must ensure that the nc vertical lathe leakage to have very reliable leakage prevention measures. In nc vertical lathe enclosure can not have sundry, the nc vertical lathe gear lubricants to place should have corresponding protective measures. According to clockwise to closing of valve. CNC vertical lathe open closed times is not too much, in order to facilitate the operation, the largest open closure torque to n - in 240 m。 CNC vertical lathe open close to the valve calibration line, if it is the transmission and display of his shell, toward the ground, on the scale of the nc vertical lathe line brush phosphors. Pay attention to the material of the dial pointer is best to use stainless steel because they are more good management, or paint with steel plate can also, remember that do not can be made with aluminum skin, should fix the dial.
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