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The three numerical control lathe automatic tool change device you know?

by:SNK     2020-08-24
The three numerical control lathe automatic tool change device you know? Release date: 2019 08 - 01 clicks: 510 times of CNC lathe three automatic tool change device do you know? Numerical control lathe automatic tool change device of automatic tool change system are divided into direct tool change, manipulator in dao mode and three types of turret head way. 1. Refers to direct change knife knife is accomplished by knife library and spindle box, just as its name implies, this is a direct way of tool change. According to the tool change process, the displacement of knife library have occurred to distinguish, directly in dao mode and can be divided into library shift method and the fixed way two knife library. Shift in the way, knife library can be mobile, before change the knife, knife library into the workspace in the knife, tool change after you exit the area. This way of tool change happened due to knife library movement is more, more exquisite layout, poor flexibility and adaptability. Knife library fixed way, mainly by the movement of the spindle box to choose a knife. Knife library can be static, also can undertake position only. The former only order choose knife, suitable for cutting tool fewer CNC machining center, which can realize inversion choose knife. This dao way reducing the mobile library, library design structure can greatly simplify the knife, knife switch control of the process is simple and reliable. 2. Manipulator knife exchange pattern refers to the sword, by the manipulator, responsible for the library and the main shaft passed between the cutting tool, you will need to use the tool to push onto the main shaft, then replaced the tool back to the knife of the rolls. This tool change way, though not as good as the former comes directly, but to avoid the mobile library and the main shaft is a knife, but by the manipulator instead. Thus reduce mechanical components of motions, complete tool change fast, design is also more flexible layout, therefore widely used in most CNC CNC machining center. If use separate manipulator to switch a knife, called a special way of manipulator in the edge of the sword; On the contrary, more use public manipulator to switch, the cutting tool called utility knife manipulator can be exchanged. Which in turn has inversion type knife manipulator, hands change knife manipulator and transmit the robotic arm with three types of tools. 3. Turret head way turret head way is through the rotation of the 2-foot-tall tower, need cutting tool moves to the corresponding position of the tool change. It as normal order in the knife, advantages of compact structure, tool change time very short, more commonly used in machining crankshaft long and thin type of artifacts and needs to be done, such as multi-channel processes of parts. Turret head automatic tool change device is divided into the way of turret head in dao and 2-foot-tall tower spindle head in two ways. Turret head tool change is to install a ring in the turret spindle head, different cutter is arranged on the tool carrier, in turn through the rotation of the turret head, automatic tool change action, the location of the cutting tool, rely on the rotation of the tool post graduated to locate. This is a simple, automatic tool change device, structure have good stiffness and can withstand rough machining of cutting force. This device have higher demand to the positioning precision of head rotation, if there is a error rotating positioning accuracy, cannot send tool to accurately position. Turret spindles in dao mode also needs to be equipped with turret, but on the turret spindle connection is not rest, but a number of different azimuth, octopus tentacles shape distribution of spindle head, each spindle head installation have each process need to use the tool in advance. Work, through a rotating turret, the spindle head according to the program instructions, in turn, turn to the machining position, so as to realize the automatic tool change. This way of tool change, because each spindle are concentrated on a turret, have higher demand to counter rotating tower of the stiffness in the spindle, cutting tool have limits the number of the spindle. Turret spindles in knife method is mainly used in small vertical CNC lathe.
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