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The safety issues in the process of numerical control lathe work

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Numerical control lathe work, the security issues in the process of release time: 2016 - 02 - 03 clicks: 2472 l. No contact point with hands and scrap iron, scrap iron must use iron hook or brush to clean up. 2. Prohibited by hand or any other way to contact is rotating spindle, artifacts, or other moving parts. 3. Ban on live, in the manufacturing process of variable speed, more cannot be wiped with cotton silk artifacts, also cannot clean machine. 4. In nc lathe operation, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the job, the machine must immediately stop the anomaly. 5. Regularly check the bearing temperature, too high should find relevant personnel to inspect. 6. In the process of machining, are not allowed to open the door of machine. 7. Shall strictly abide by the post responsibility system, machine tool use, without consent shall not be used without authorization. 8. Artifacts out of CNC lathe 100 mm outside, must set shield in out position. 9. Ban on trial operation. 10. Manual of origin, pay attention to the machine tool shaft position to origin - each More than 100 mm, machine tool of origin order: first + X axis, then the + Z axis. 11. Using the handwheel or fast way to move the shaft position, be sure to see machine X and Z axis direction & other; +、-” Sign no. Before you move. While moving slowly changed hands first round direction and correct rear can accelerate the speed of machine tool movement. 12. After the program or the program input machine, must first graphical simulation, accurate to again after machine commissioning, after grinding and cutting tool should be left more than 200 mm. 13. Nc lathe programs run considerations: ( 1) The knife should be accurate, and procedure calls, number of tools. ( 2) Check each function keys of the machine tool position is correct. ( 3) The cursor should be put in the main program first. ( 4) Interlinear notes a moderate amount of coolant. ( 5) Standing position should be appropriate, when start the program, the right hand, press the stop button preparation procedure in the operation of the hand cannot leave the stop button, if there is an emergency stop button immediately. 14. Careful observation in the manufacturing process of cutting and cooling condition, ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, cutting tool and workpiece quality. And close the door to avoid iron filings, lubricating oil. 15. The program must be suspended in the operation of the measuring workpiece size, to stay behind the machine stop completely, spindle stalling can be measured, so as to avoid personal accident. 16. Numerical control lathe to turn it off, such as spindle stalling 3 minutes rear can turn it off. 17. Prohibited without permission to open the electrical box. 18. All manual lubrication points must be lubricated according to the requirements of specification. 19. The key to modify the program in the program after the adjustment will take off immediately, may not be inserted on the machine tool, in order to avoid unintentional changes. 20. Using numerical control lathe, cutting oil must be used daily cycle 0. 5 hours, time can be a bit shorter in the winter, cutting fluid to change regularly, generally in 1 & ndash; 2 months. 21. Numerical control lathe do not use if for a few days, every day to deal with NC and CRT part 2 - current is switched on 3 hours.
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