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The role of car milling compound lathe

by:SNK     2020-09-01
The effect of composite lathe and milling release date: 2019 - 04 - 12 author: small make up click: car milling compound machining center is to take B axis linkage, C axis linkage can do turning and milling lathe, can say on car milling compound lathe can be finished a part of all or most of the processing, so also known as the small production line. It can not only improve product precision and machining efficiency, but also greatly save the lathe on the enterprise covers an area of the past have to finish a part on a lathe processing, now only need a can complete all the processing. This kind of lathe can also be divided into vertical composite and horizontal milling composite lathe, milling car in Europe and Japan and other developed countries such as the lathe is very common, just beginning in China, development is slow, and mainly the people of this kind of lathe is treated like a lathe used to do processing, so greatly waste composite lathe and milling. Can realize three-axis CNC milling composite lathe or more than three axes linkage control, to ensure that the cutting tools for machining of complex surface. Composite lathe numerical control milling except with linear interpolation and circular interpolation function, but also has a variety of automatic processing and fixed loop, tool radius compensation, automatic tool length compensation, graphics processing, man-machine dialogue, automatic fault diagnosis, off-line programming, and other functions. Car milling compound from the development of CNC milling machine and CNC lathe. With large difference between numerical control milling machine processing center has the ability of automatic exchange tool, through the libraries installed on the different USES of the knives, can be in a clamping on the automatic tool change device to change the spindle tool, implement a variety of processing capabilities. For five axis machining center, can only make the milling machining and can't do a car. So at the time of processing also has many limitations, car milling compound can cover five axis machining center processing, but it will not be able to do five axis car milling compound machining. Most current car milling compound machining, on turning center, while turning center just replace ordinary turret head CNC lathe with motivating tool turret head, spindle increase C axis function. Due to the restrictions on the size of turret head structure, appearance, head of the small power, speed is not high, also cannot install larger cutting tool. The turning center is given priority to with cars, milling, drilling function just do some auxiliary processing. Power tool rest is expensive, the cost of turning center is high, domestic prices generally more than 100000, imports of more than 200000, the average user cannot afford. Most economical car milling compound lathe is XZC axis, is added a spin on the chuck of C axis, realize the basic function of the milling.
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