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The reliability of the numerical control lathe and the laws of the malfunction is briefly

by:SNK     2020-08-29
The reliability of the numerical control lathe and the laws of the malfunction is briefly release date: 2016 - 01 - 11 clicks: one, the reliability of CNC lathe 1 2464 times, the definition of reliability is the intrinsic characteristics of the system reliability, is one of the important Pointers to measure quality. System reliability refers to the regulation of working conditions, system maintaining trouble-free working ability. The provisions of the working conditions, refers to the design conditions of the use of the nc machine tools is put forward. 2, the reliability of the measures the reliability of the numerical control lathe measures are: the average trouble-free working time ( MTBF) Mean time to repair ( MTTR) Effective degrees. Average trouble-free working hours means can repair the product between adjacent two system work time average. Pointer to the reliability of the measuring system is important. Mean time to repair is defined as a repairable equipment under prescribed conditions and within a prescribed time to complete repair of probability. It reflects the system of repairable, actually refers to the average time troubleshooting. Effectiveness refers to the utilization rate of machine tools. Refers to the machine tool working time and the ratio of the total time. 3, the factors influencing the reliability of the numerical control lathe (1) the grid quality. (2) working environment; (3) the operator level; (4) daily maintenance; (5) dynamic preservation of equipment. Second, the numerical control lathe rule 1, early failure period of early failure is characterized by high frequency, but with the increase of using time drops rapidly. Early failure frequently, the reason is roughly as follows: (1) mechanical part, machine tool after running-in, practiced before leaving the factory, but time is shorter. Due to parts processing and surface microscopic and macroscopic geometric deviation, parts assembly possible error, therefore, at the beginning of the machine tool use will produce bigger running-in wear, make relatively large gap between the moving parts, machine tool failure. (2) electric parts: nc machine tool control system using a large number of electronic components, although these components in the factory through strict screening and test machine processing, but in actual operation, due to the heating circuit, the alternating load, the impact of the surge current and back emf, and poor performance of some components are tested, due to the impact current or voltage breakdown failure, or performance, which can lead to machine can't work normally. 2, occasional failure of the early stage of nc machine tools in a variety of aging, adjust and adjust, begin to enter the normal operation of a relatively stable period. At this stage, low fault rate and relatively stable, the approximate constant. Accidental failures are caused by accidental factors. Stage 3, wear failure CNC lathe wear fault occur late in the numerical control machine tool use, its characteristic is failure increased with the increase of running time. Appear this kind of failure is due to CNC machine parts and electrical components after a long run, due to fatigue, wear, aging and so on, life is close to failure, resulting in frequent failure.
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