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The phenomenon of 'broken' nc vertical lathe to pay close attention to!

by:SNK     2020-08-30
The phenomenon of 'broken' nc vertical lathe to pay close attention to! Release date: 2020 03 - 13 clicks: 223 nc vertical lathe can automatically complete the operation of the spindle speed and positive &negative, start or stop, two coordinates in the direction of feed and fast moving, head of loosen, inversion, and clamping and cutting fluid switch, etc. Vertical lathe machine modeling sedate and easy, fully enclosed shield protection, main shaft adopts precision bearing support rigidity, can withstand strong cutting, horizontal dragging plate through the sealing screw directly by the motor drive, high precision, fast operation; Lathe body guide rail is made of wear resistant cast iron casting, after super audio quenching and precision grinding, can long-term stable guarantee machining precision and service life; Motor selection of 11 kw motor, make the spindle has better cutting ability and speed range; Workpiece clamping way to select collet chuck, can also according to the demand of the user manual hydraulic chuck, chuck, pneumatic, hydraulic tailstock. Set car belongs to the large mechanical equipment, used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small, complex shape of large and heavy artifacts. Such as all kinds of disc, wheel and set of artifacts, end face, cone surface and cylinder bore cylindrical, cone and so on. Also can use attachment to car thread, spherical, such as copying, milling and grinding processing. Compared with horizontal lathe, the workpiece in horizontal lathe decorates the clip on the inside. For vertical layout and vertical lathe spindle axis, workbench platform in a horizontal plane, so the workpiece clamp installed and is more convenient. This layout to reduce the load of main shaft and bearing, so the vertical lathe can longer stay working precision. & other related; Breakage & throughout; Phenomenon mainly has the following categories, everyday want to focus on: 1. After the surface wear is due to the vertical lathe knife quality and cutting speed is too soft to quickly. Can reduce the cutting speed, and then select the hardness comparisons should alloy for light can reduce the vertical lathe cutting knife after surface wear. 2. Its blade is because when a cutting resistance is big, and there will be a lot of product in feed fell off. Can not let the blade with more hard alloy, can also change the direction of chip removal, in order to reduce the small CNC vertical lathe collapse edge. 3. Crater wear due to the nc vertical lathe using knife is too soft and cutting when the cutting speed is too fast, if you can lower the cutting speed or choose more appropriate material for use can be better. 4. Wear stripes when vertical lathe cutting speed and the hardness of workpiece with requirements, and then let the friction of the tooth chip, to reduce the speed and in choosing wear-resistant alloy. 5. The devolop tumor because of the cutting speed is too low, the knife is not very sharp, to reduce the cooling fluid, it is best to use more affinity of the material.
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