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The maintenance of the CNC numerical control lathe when the rainy season

by:SNK     2020-09-01
CNC numerical control lathe the rainy season when maintenance release date: 2019 - 04 - Author: small make up click: custom manufacturer of CNC machining CNC lathe CNC lathes preventive maintenance main work includes: daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection, half yearly check. Specific as follows: daily inspection: CNC machining CNC lathe preventive maintenance, check the main projects include the hydraulic system, spindle lubrication system, guide rail lubrication system, cooling system, pneumatic system. Daily inspection is according to the system to detect the normal. Spindle lubrication system when, for example, the process of detection, power, light should be on hydraulic pump should be normal operation, if the power light is not on, you should keep the spindle stop state, contact the mechanical engineer. For repair. Weekly inspection: CNC machining CNC lathe weekly inspection of its main projects include lathe spindle parts, lubrication system, should be checked every week on the right, especially for lathe parts to clean up the iron filings, external cleaning of debris. Monthly test: to test the X, Y, Z three axis orbit lubrication, orbital plane must guarantee good lubrication. Check, clean, and the limit switch touch block. Check knife oil cylinder oil cup will be enough, lack of timely added. Check on the machine nameplate is clear and there are signs and warning. Half yearly check: apart triaxial dust cover, clean triaxial tubing joints, ball lead screw, triaxial limit switches, and testing is normal. Check the shaft hardened rail wiping effect is good. Check all axis servo motor and head are in normal operation, with or without abnormal sound. Replace the oil pressure unit of oil, knife library retarding mechanism of oil. Test the axial clearance, if necessary, can adjust the compensation amount. Clean electricity dust (in the To ensure that the lathe in a closed) 。 Comprehensive review all contacts, connectors, sockets, switches are normal. Check mechanical level adjustment. CNC numerical control lathe must be strict with access to the ground, and USES the three core power plug, reduce electrostatic interference, improve the stability of the machine and the protection of operating personnel. Summer due to the large power consumption, it is the rainy season, often there will be a power line voltage instability, etc. , trigger a fault, or even burned drives and other components. Small make up recommend buying small CNC lathe manufacturer corresponding models of voltage stabilizer. CNC numerical control lathe if running rate is not high, in addition to the money, the effect was less than reproduction, but also worry about a thing is the warranty period, because it has a CNC CNC lathe equipment warranty, CNC lathe users should take full advantage of the lathe in this period, the thin part exposed as soon as possible, so that during the warranty period is able to deal with. If not for a long time, may be due to reasons such as speed up the electronic components be affected with damp be affected with damp spoiled or damaged. Especially in the rainy season, also want to properly run the machine.
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