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The machining characteristic of nc machine tools

by:SNK     2020-08-28
Machining characteristic of nc machine tool release date: 2019 06 - 18 author: small make up click: to adapt to the wide scope of change in the nc machine machining, machining of only need to prepare the new program, can realize the machining of new; Nc machine tools machining, only need a simple jig, so change after machining, also do not need to make special jig, more do not need to adjust the machine. Therefore, numerical control machine is suitable for single piece and small batch processing and manufacture new products. High machining precision, stable quality of nc machine tool pulse equivalent piece up to 0. 001 mm/pulse, transmission system and the structure of machine tool has the very high stiffness and thermal stability, workpiece machining accuracy is high, the feeding system adopts measures to eliminate clearance, and screw pitch error and reverse clearance etc by computer automatic compensation, so the machining accuracy is high. Especially for numerical control machine is fully automatic, human error, this eliminates the operators to make the same good consistency, the size of the workpiece processing quality is very stable. High efficiency pieces processing time required maneuvering time and auxiliary time. Nc machine tool can effectively reduce time this two parts. CNC machine tool spindle speed and feed speed range is larger than the range of ordinary machine tools, machine tool rigidity, fast moving and stop using the acceleration, deceleration, and thus can not only improve the empty travel speed, positioning accuracy, and can guarantee effectively shorten the processing time. Nc machine tool replacing artifacts, don't need to adjust the machine, with a number of workpiece machining quality is stable, without having to stop inspection, thus greatly shorten the auxiliary time. Especially the use of automatic tool change device, CNC machining center machine tool can be implemented on a machine tool and multiple continuous processing, production efficiency is more obvious. High degree of automation, low labor intensity of nc machine tool processing was done according to beforehand programmed procedure automatically, without human intervention, in the process of workpiece machining processing after the completion of automatic parking, has greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators and tension. Combined with nc machine tools are generally has a good safety protection, automatic chip removal, cooling and automatic lubrication, the operator has been greatly improved working conditions. Good economic benefits while nc machine tools is expensive, allocation to each artifact on the equipment cost is larger, but many other cost can be saved by using nc machine tool. Workpiece processing without the marking process, for example, the workpiece installation, adjustment, machining and inspection and spend less time, especially not to design and manufacture of special jig, stable machining precision, low rejection rate, reduce the scheduling link, etc. , so the overall cost reduction, can obtain good economic benefit. Is conducive to the modernization of production management, nc machine tools machining can accurately calculate parts processing time and cost, effectively simplify the inspection jig and semi-finished products management; At the same time, nc machine tools using the digital information control, for the computer aided design, manufacturing and realize computer management and control of the production process laid a good foundation.
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