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The linear motion of the CNC lathe precision detection what content?

by:SNK     2020-08-31
The linear motion of the CNC lathe precision detection what content? Release date: 2018 11 - 26 clicks: 2822 times the positioning precision of nc lathe is to point to each coordinate axis in CNC machine tool device under the control of movement can achieve the location accuracy. The positioning accuracy of CNC lathe and can be understood as the movement precision of machine tools. Here introduces the linear motion positioning accuracy of CNC lathe: 1 and the orientation of linear motion detection precision linear motion accuracy is generally in the machine tool and workbench under no-load condition. According to the provisions of the national standards and the international organization for standardization ( ISO standards) , detection of nc machine tool, the laser measurement shall prevail. In the absence of laser interferometer, for the average user can also use the standard scale, compared with optical reading microscope measurement. However, precision measuring instruments must be higher than the accuracy of the measured 1 ~ 2 level. In order to reflect the location of all error for many times, the ISO standard five each anchor point according to the measured data to calculate the average and poor - 3 scattered poor taking anchor point in the composition of the poor. 2, repositioning precision linear motion detection inspection instruments and location precision is the same. General detection method is near the midpoint coordinates trip ends and any three of the position measurement, fast moving location for every position, under the condition of the same 7 times repeated positioning, stop position is measured value and the maximum difference of reading. With three position is one of the largest difference of the half, attach a plus or minus sign, as the repositioning precision of the coordinates, it is the most basic indicators reflect the axis motion accuracy stability. 3, the origin of the linear motion of the return to origin return precision accuracy of detection, is essentially a special point on the axis of repeat positioning accuracy, so it's completely the same as the repeated positioning precision test method. 4, linear motion of the reverse error detection of linear motion errors, also called loss of momentum, it includes the coordinate axis feed drive chain drive parts ( Such as servo motor, meanwhile his hydraulic motor and stepping motor, etc. ) The reverse of dead zone, the mechanical movement transmission vice reverse clearance and comprehensive reflection of elastic deformation error. Error, the greater the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy is lower. Reverse error detection method is in measuring axis stroke, in advance to move forward or reverse distance and stop position as a benchmark, then move in the same direction for a certain instruction value, to move a distance, and then move in the opposite direction of the same distance, measure the stop position and the difference between the reference position. In near the halfway point of the journey and many times three position respectively at the ends of the measurement ( General is 7 times) The locations, on average, based on the maximum for the average reverse error value.
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