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The historical development of numerical control lathe

by:SNK     2020-09-03
The historical development of numerical control lathe release date: 2016 - 01 - 25 clicks: 2435 times the development of numerical control lathe, numerical control ( English name: Numerical Control, NC) Technology refers to use Numbers, words and symbols of the instructions to achieve one or more machinery equipment action control technology. Numerical control is generally realized by using general or specialized computer digital program control, so the numerical control also called computer numerical control ( 电脑数值控制) , hereinafter referred to as CNC, foreign generally called CNC, rarely then use NC this concept. It is usually controlled by the position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantity and amount related to the mechanical energy flow switch. CNC production depends on the CNC machine tool data carrier and binary form data operation. In 1908, perforated metal sheet interchange type data carrier arrived; The end of the 19th century, paper as data carrier and auxiliary function of the control system was invented; In 1938, shannon in the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology has carried on the data quickly and transmission, laid the modern computer, including the foundation of computer numerical control system. Numerical control technology is combined with machine tool control closely. The first CNC machine tool was developed in 1952, and become the world's industrial history a mechanical epoch-making event, to promote the development of automation. Numerical control technology is also called computer numerical control technology ( CNC电脑数控) It is digital program control is realized by using computer technology. This technology by computer according to beforehand control storage procedure to perform the trajectory and the operation of the peripheral equipment of temporal logic control function. Because use computer to replace the original use of hardware logic circuit of nc device, the input operation instruction of storage, processing, computing, logic and the realization of the control function can be done through computer software, processing of micro instruction transmitted to the servo drive or hydraulic driven motor actuators drive equipment operation. Traditional machining is done with manual operation general machine tools, processing with dynamic mechanical hand tool cutting metal, rely on the eyes with a caliper tool such as the precision of the measurement products. Modern industrial homework already using computer digital control machine tool, CNC machine tools can be programmed in advance in accordance with the technical personnel program automatically to any directly processed products and parts. This is what we said the nc machining. Nc machining is widely used in all mechanical processing of any field, but also the development trend of mould processing and important and necessary technical means.
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