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The efficiency of nc machine tools mainly reflects in what aspects?

by:SNK     2020-09-02
The efficiency of nc machine tools mainly reflects in what aspects? Release date: 2019 06 - 18 author: click: plate fin CNC lathe spindle box design, and equipped with symmetrical reinforcement, can effectively reduce the spindle temperature rise, increase the stability of main shaft and bearing life, adopt and sleeve shaft, import precision spindle bearings, and spindle servo motor drive, to achieve the high precision, high rigidity and speed stability. CNC lathe rigidity, convenient operation, chip removal. Numerical control lathe back-end has a fixed point and rotation. When use, the back-end can be inserted into the numerical control lathe tailstock taper hole sleeve. Fixed point is good, accurate center, but the car milling compound CNC lathe manufacturer of CNC lathe center hole and hard tip between sliding friction, easy to wear and burn out. Therefore, only apply to high precision CNC lathe processing requirements artifacts. When CNC lathe support small artifacts, you can use the counter top, and at the end of workpiece was made at the top of the type. Numerical control lathe two axis rotation by the servo motor and precise ball screw through the elastic coupling straight league, good force, high precision, equipped with computer automatic lubrication system for linear guide and ball screw forced lubrication. X axis and Z axis adopt high rigidity linear slide rail, rail and rail between the calculation to obtain better span, low resistance, high rigidity, high precision CNC lathes, up to 24 - displacement speed 30 m/min, improve work efficiency, shorten processing time, the Taiwan variable pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic solenoid valve and equipped with air cooling device, low noise, low oil temperature. Numerical control lathe application more and more widely, has deep into the economic development of various industries. With the application of numerical control lathe, crash is also common occurance, become the common problems in the development of numerical control lathe. CNC lathe expensive, in the event of a crash, you can make the lathe tool damage, serious word will reduce the precision of lathe, the machine parts damaged, even can let the lathe scrap directly. Some workers also therefore paid a heavy price. In terms of production efficiency, relatively ordinary machine tool, CNC lathe custom manufacturer general can improve the efficiency of nc machine tools 2 ~ 3 times, even more than a dozen times. Mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1, a clamping finish machining, eliminating the common machine tool processing of multiple transformation between the type of work, the process of transfer and marking process. 2, simplifies the fixture and special tooling, etc. , because the clamping is a complete processing. So the process of fixture saves more conventional machine tools, even if the occasional special fixture must be used.
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