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The division of nc lathe machining process, the determination of arrangement and feed line

by:SNK     2020-08-29
The division of nc lathe machining process, determine the release time arrangement and feed line: 2015 - 12 - 29 clicks: 2517 a, the division of nc lathe machining process in mass production, the following two kinds of commonly used method to classify the process: 1, according to the classification process of parts processing surface will arrange in the surface of the location accuracy is higher under a installation is complete, in order to avoid multiple installed installation error influence generated by the position precision. Suitable for processing the content of the few parts. 2, according to the rough and finish machining process divided into for that part of the complete process in roughing process, finishing in that part of the complete process for the procedure. After this method is suitable for the parts processing easy to distort or high precision parts. 2, CNC lathe processing the arrangement of the order 1, first rough then essence for in rough finish machining procedure, first on the surface of rough machining, all after the rough machining for semi-finishing and finish machining, improving the machining accuracy. 2, far in the general case, after nearly near the cutting point of parts processing first, far from the cutting point of parts after processing, in order to shorten the tool moving distance, reduce travel time. 3, inside and outside the intersection of both inner surface ( The type, cavity) And the surface machined, of axially symmetrical parts arrange processing order, x should be advanced, the inner surface rough machining, within the last in line, surface finishing. 4, base level first used as a benchmark, surface should be preferred processing, because the surface of the locating datum, the more precise the clamping error. Three, the determination of numerical control lathe processing feed line 1, the shortest air routes ( 1) Use opportunely the cutting point. ( 2) It in, Turn) The knife point ( 3) Reasonable arrangement & other; Back to zero & throughout; The route. ( Perform & other; Back to zero & throughout; ( The return of knife point) Instructions) 2, rough machining, Or semi-finishing) Feed line ( 1) The commonly used rough machining feed line. ( 2) Large margin ladder of blank cutting feed line. ( 3) Two-way cutting feed line. 3, finishing feed line ( 1) Complete outline of continuous cutting feed line. Finishing in arranging a dao or more feed line, its parts completed profile should be the last one knife continuous processing. ( 2) Each part accuracy requirement inconsistent finishing feed line. If the parts accuracy is not very big difference, the most strict precision shall prevail, the continuous feed processing all parts; If each part precision vary widely, the accuracy is close to the surface of the arrangements within the same knife feeding line processing, and low precision machining parts, first and then separate the part of the arrangement of high precision feeding line. 4, special feed in the numerical control turning processing route, under normal circumstances, the direction of Z axis feed line are along the negative direction of the coordinate of feed, but sometimes by the conventional way to arrange feed line is not reasonable, and may even car bad artifacts.
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