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The discussion of feeder transformation of CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Feeder transformation of CNC lathe to explore release time: 2017 - 07 - 17 clicks: 2528 times not all feeder is suitable for numerical control lathe numerical control transformation, so we need to transform to carry on the comprehensive understanding of the feeder. CNC lathe feeder features: 1, equipment, convenient operation, time saving, high efficiency, structure optimization, low noise, low malfunction, long service life. 2, adopts the design of hydraulic drive, the piston rod to push bar into the lathe spindle: material turn the hydraulic power effect, hydraulic support bar, can effectively restrain and eliminate the vibration generated by the noise. 3, processing rod rotation in oil bath, stable self-centering, bar and feeding tube collision with the speed increase and decrease, high-speed operation. 4 match automatic feeder, CNC lathe, lathe turning when to play the role of a more precise and more stable, reduce labor costs, improve material utilization. Mechanical system for numerical control lathe feeder to conduct surveying and mapping to make the right judgments, good mechanical performance is the basis of the numerical control lathe automation reform success conditions, otherwise, it is hard to play out of the CNC lathe feeder proper performance. Therefore, in the feeder for lathe machine precision testing before modification, and found that the problem can be repaired in lathe reform implementation process. If the lathe more problems in mechanical systems, the same lathe defects in mechanical structure design, manufacture, CNC lathe modification will not have the too big significance. Old lathe electrical system because the old automation components of malfunctions, is a key work in the reconstruction of the lathe. To understand the old nc lathe system manufacturer model, the number of control shaft, spindle and feed drive shaft configuration, spindle motor power as well as the parameters such as feed shaft of the motor torque. Check CNC lathe feeder random technical data is complete, complete the full technical data can shorten the lathe modification technology preparation time. The electrical schematic diagram, PLC program, the lathe maintenance manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication principle diagram, mechanical assembly drawing, we must carefully study these parameters before modification and schematic diagram and maintenance manual, etc. Special attention should be paid to the technical data provided by content would be wrong, not in conformity with lathe object. Due to some CNC lathe manufacturer provides a series of models of general drawings, individual lathe electrical hardware changes not indicated on the electrical data, this requests us in check the material carefully before modification are consistent with the descriptions in the shipping information, so as to avoid errors.
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