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The difference between the slant bed lathe and flat bed CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-27
Slant bed lathe with flat bed CNC lathe compared the difference between a release date: 2015 - 03 - 31 clicks: a 5252 times, plain and slant bed lathe bed CNC lathe programming contrast the two guide rail location of the flat bed CNC lathe plane parallel to the ground plane. The two guide rail site plane of the slant bed CNC lathes, fellowship with ground plane, into a inclined plane, view 30 & deg; ,45度; ,60度; 75度; The points. From the slant bed CNC lathe near surface flat bed CNC lathe bed is square, the slant bed CNC lathe bed is a right triangle. Obviously, in the same conveyor width, the slant bed X to drag board is taking longer than flat bed, the practical significance of the application on the lathe is able to organize more digits. Second, the slant bed lathe with rigid contrast slant bed lathe bed CNC lathe cutting CNC lathe cross-sectional area to than with the standard level of lathe bed, namely the twists and turns and torsional resistance stronger. Slant bed CNC lathe tool is cutting down over the Angle of the workpiece, the cutting force and the gravity of the artifacts direction together, so the spindle work relatively stable, not easily lead to cutting oscillation, and flat bed when CNC lathe cutting, cutting tool and the workpiece in cutting force and artifacts gravity into 90 & deg; Simple, result in oscillation. Three, slant bed lathe compared with flat bed CNC lathe processing precision CNC lathe drive screw is high precision ball screw, screw and nut between the transmission gap is very small, but also not to say that there is no gap, and just have a gap, when screw in one direction and then reverse transmission, will inevitably occur, reverse gap with reverse gap will affect the repositioning precision of the numerical control lathe, and then affect the machining accuracy. Slant bed CNC lathe programming can directly affect the X direction of the ball screw, gravity ACTS on the screw's axial directly, make the transmission when the reverse gap is zero. Flat bed CNC lathe X direction of the screw is not affected by the axial gravity, space cannot eliminate directly. This is depicted to slant bed CNC lathe precision of congenital advantage. Four, plain and slant bed lathe bed CNC lathe chip removal performance contrast because gravity contact slant bed around cutter, CNC lathe are less conducive to chip; Work together in the lead screw and guide rail protective sheet metal, to prevent the chip on the lead screw and guide rail to pile up. Slant bed CNC lathes are usually equipped with active chip removal machine, able to take the initiative to root out scraps, add useful workers' working hours. The layout of the flat bed hard to adding active chip removal machine. Five, plain and slant bed lathe bed CNC lathe initiative produces contrast lathe knife digits addition, active chip removal machine equipment, are in fact produce groundwork to active. More than one unattended machine tools, has been the direction of the machine tool to carry out. Slant bed CNC lathes and milling power head, take the initiative to perhaps feeding machine manipulator, active feeding, a clamping end all chip process, under the active material, active chip removal, became active CNC lathe to work efficiency high. The layout of the flat bed CNC lathes in the initiative produces disadvantage.
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