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The difference between numerical control lathe and machining center and contact

by:SNK     2020-09-02
The difference between numerical control lathe and machining center and contact release date: 2017 - 07 - 18 clicks: 3043 times of CNC lathe can complete vehicles, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, edm, shear, bending, laser cutting and other mechanical processing method, mechanical processing, is the metal blank parts processed into the required shape, contains two aspects of dimensional precision and geometrical precision. CNC lathe is developed on the ordinary machine tool, CNC means digital control. Fitted on machine tool numerical control system, machine tool became a nc machine tool. Development of conventional machine tools, of course, not only add to the numerical control lathe system that simple, for example from milling machine to processing center, machine tool structure changes, the mainest is added a knife library, greatly improved the accuracy. The most main function of machining center is a function of milling, boring, drilling. We usually say numerical control equipment, mainly index control machine tools and machining center. Machining center is equipped with a knife library, with functions of automatic tool change, to much after a clamping workpiece machining of CNC machine tools. Machining center is highly electromechanical integration products, after the workpiece clamping, numerical control system can control the automatic selection and replacement of cutting tools, machine tool according to different process automatic knife, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc. , it can continuously complete drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping and other processes. And thus greatly reduce the workpiece clamping time, secondary process and machine adjustment time, for processing complicated shape, precision demand is higher, varieties replacement parts frequently has the good economic effect. Machining center normally with spindle and workbench position classification, divided into horizontal, vertical and universal machining center. Numerical control lathe numerical control device is the core of the nc machine tool, including the hardware and corresponding software, is used to enter the digital parts of the program, and complete the input information storage, data transform, interpolation algorithm and implement various control functions. Drive device is nc machine tools of the actuator drive components, including spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor, etc. He in the numerical control device by electric or under the control of electro-hydraulic servo system to realize the spindle and the feed drive. When several feed linkage, can complete positioning, line, plane curve and space curve processing. Assist device index some necessary auxiliary parts of numerical control lathe, to ensure the operation of the CNC lathe, such as cooling and chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitor, etc. It consists of hydraulic and pneumatic device, chip removal device, change table, and CNC dividing head, nc rotary table also includes tools and monitoring detection device.
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