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The determination of the numerical control machine tool processing content

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Nc machine tool processing and determine the content of the release date: 2019 - 08 - 07 author: small make up click: generally speaking, the complexity of the parts, high precision demand is high, many varieties, small batch production, using the numerical control machine tool processing can obtain higher economic benefits. However, not all machining process for on nc machine tools, and often are just part of the process of the content is suitable for nc machining. This will require a careful process analysis was carried out on the parts drawings, choose the most appropriate, content and process of nc machining is the most needed for processing. one The nc machining process characteristics of nc machining process more specific content requirements, detailed. The nc machining process requirement more closely and accurately. To develop the nc machining process for parts graphics mathematical processing and programming size value calculation. Consider the effect of feeding speed on the parts shape accuracy. Emphasized the importance of tools selection. Nc machining technology process is relatively concentrated, work procedure content content than ordinary machine tool processing complex. The nc machining programming, check and modification is a special content of nc machining process. two Suitable for nc machining when choosing nc content, the content of the general, can consider in the following order. General machine tool will not be able to process the content should be as the preferred content. General machine tool is difficult to processing, quality is difficult to guarantee the content should be selected as the key content. General machine tool processing efficiency is low, the content of the manual workers labor intensity, but in the choice of nc machine tools is rich processing capacity. 3. Not suitable for the content of the numerical control processing in general, these processing content after using nc machining, in the quality of the product. Production efficiency and the comprehensive benefit will be obvious increase, in contrast, some of the following content is unfavorable choose nc machining. Machine adjustment time is long. Such as MAO pei coarse reference positioning processing first finishing benchmark, need special tooling coordination. Machining parts scattered, need many times to install, set up the origin. Then, using the numerical control processing very troublesome, the effect is not obvious, general machine tool processing can be arranged. According to the specific manufacturing basis ( Such as model, etc. ) Processing of surface contour. The main reason is to get the data is difficult, easy to test on the basis of conflict, increasing the difficulty of programming. In addition, the choice and decision process, also want to consider the production batch, production cycle, between process flow. Anyhow, want to try to be reasonable, achieve more, fast, good, province, the purpose of preventing the nc machine tools to a common machine tool use.
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