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The coordinate transform resolution in the nc vertical lathe machining programming

by:SNK     2020-08-31
The coordinate transform resolution in the nc vertical lathe processing programming release time: 2019 - 11 - 14 clicks: 310 coordinate transform in nc vertical lathe processing programming parsing of nc vertical lathe can generally be divided into single and double column. Small car made of single-column, large vertical lathe into a double column type. CNC vertical lathe structure main characteristic is its main shaft in a vertical position. The workbench in horizontal plane, the workpiece is more convenient to install. The workbench is supported by rail, good rigidity, smooth cutting. CNC vertical lathe is used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small, complex shape of large and heavy artifacts. Such as all kinds of disc, wheel and set of artifacts, end face, cone surface and cylinder bore cylindrical, cone and so on. Also can use attachment to car thread, spherical, such as copying, milling and grinding processing. Compared with horizontal window, workpiece in horizontal lathe decorates the clip on the inside. For vertical layout and vertical lathe spindle axis, workbench platform in a horizontal plane, so the workpiece clamp installed and is more convenient. This layout to reduce the load of main shaft and bearing, so the vertical lathe can longer stay working precision. To realize CNC programming, nc vertical lathe rules on the machine tool coordinate system origin, the origin, machine tools and programming by return point to build the machine tool coordinate system operation, make the machine mechanical coordinate values for X = 0, Z = 0. In: turn it off again, turning on the power supply after stop after lifting, machine tools and machine tool overtravel alarm after lifting, three scenarios, must execute return point of operation. Nc machining mainly depends on the CNC programming and CNC programming, should first solve the problem of the establishment of good programming coordinate system. Although numerical control system can provide the corresponding code to set up the machine tool coordinate system, but at present most of the NC programming is aimed at a specific numerical control system, different methods, sometimes even tedious. Such as a point on the workpiece coordinate system is set in the workpiece, workpiece clamping and must be considered for easy to implement. When programming must first set workpiece coordinate system, programming on the basis of the coordinates, then convert pattern on the nominal value, and set the coordinate system is differ, the programming size change is very big, can't match the pattern of nominal value, the program also is different. At last, on the machine to different programs will use different method implementation for the knife, the inconvenience to the operating. According to the nc vertical lathe coordinate transformation and the realization means of knife these two algorithms, explore a kind of new resource, improve the economic benefits of system flexibility and reaction. In the system can dynamically reconstruction model of supply chain management, and realize the information integration of the whole well. Under the help of the broker layer, agile manufacturing cell can dynamically change the resource structure of unit or by synergy with other units to complete the task.
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