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The common troubleshooting CNC lathe servo system detection device

by:SNK     2020-08-27
The common troubleshooting CNC lathe servo system detection device release time: 2016 - 12 - 14 clicks: 2828 times when CNC lathe fault phenomenon as follows, first of all, should consider whether it is caused by the fault of the detection device in the servo system, and correct the malfunction is analyzed. 1, mechanical oscillation ( Add/slow) A common cause of such failure are: ( 1) Pulse encoder failure, and the inspection speed testing should focus on whether the feedback on the terminal voltage on the unit in some voltage drop, if you have bad decline shows that pulse encoder, replace the encoder. ( 2) Pulse encoder cross coupling may be damaged, which leads to the spindle speed and the speed of detected out of sync, replace the coupling. ( 3) Tachogenerator malfunctioned, repair, replace the speed measuring machine. Maintenance practice, brush speed mechanical and electrical wear, the resistance fault. Should open speed machine, carefully brush will be removed, a few times on the fine sand paper burnish, at the same time cleaning the dirt of commutator, loaded again. 2, mechanical movement exceptionally fast ( Speed) Repair such failure, should be checked in the position control and speed control performance units at the same time, should also be focusing on: ( 1) Pulse encoder wiring error, check whether the encoder wiring for positive feedback, if the A and B. ( 2) Whether the pulse encoder coupling damage, such as replacement of coupling damage. ( 3) Check whether tachogenerator terminal against and excitation signal is wrong. Three directional or directional movement does not reach the designated position, the spindle can't repair the fault, should be checked in the setting of directional control circuit adjustment, check the directional boards, spindle control for the adjustment of the printed circuit board at the same time, should check location detector ( The encoder) Is bad, often at this time of the encoder, the output waveform by judging whether the output waveform is normal to judge of the encoder. ( Maintenance personnel should be paid attention to when the equipment normal normal output waveform of the test record the encoder, so that a failure to check. ) 4, coordinate axis feed vibration when maintenance should be in check whether the motor coil short circuit, mechanical feed screw connections are in good condition with motor, check whether the whole servo system under the condition of stable, check whether the pulse coding is good, couplings is stable and reliable, speed measuring machine is reliable. 5, NC mistakes due to programming errors in NC alarm, operation error caused by the police. Such as FAUNUC6ME system of NC alarm 090. 091. In NC alarm, is probably the main circuit fault and the feed speed is too low to cause. At the same time, it is also possible that: ( 1) Pulse encoder. ( 2) Power supply voltage is too low, pulse encoder ( Tweaking the 15 v power supply voltage, make the main circuit board of + 5 v voltage value on the terminal in 4. 95 - 5. Within 10 v) 。 ( 3) No input pulse encoder is a turn signal rather than normal execution return reference point. 6, a servo system alarm should pay attention to check: (at this time 1) Axial pulse encoder feedback signal wire break, short circuit and signal loss, with A turn signal oscilloscope measurement, phase B phase, to see if it is normal. ( 2) Encoder internal fault, causing the signal cannot be received correctly, check it is polluted, too dirty, deformation, etc.
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