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The classification of the spindle must stop

by:SNK     2020-09-04
The classification of the spindle must stop release date: 2019 - 06 - 04 author: small make up click: a. Spiral CAM mechanical must stop control face must stop motion V groove wheel positioning plate must stop must stop motion. Electric control must stop at home and abroad in high-grade CNC system adopts electric control, electric must have stopped the three ways. Magnetic sensor spindle must stop magnetic sensor spindle must stop control performed by spindle drive itself. For different models, magnetic sensors and spindle positioning control panel installation also differ in form, but as a common requirements need to make sure that the points in the machine tool maintenance, adjustment should be attention. ( 1) Magnetic amplifier and the magnetic sensor should as far as possible close to the installation, the length of the connecting cable between the sensor and amplifier requires less than 500 mm, in order to prevent interference with attenuation. ( 2) The hair of magnetic sensor magnets and clean the surface of the magnetic sensor should guarantee, to ensure the reliability of the signal. ( 3) Magnetic sensor installed components should be far away from the magnetic field, the magnet should not be near the coil components produce magnetic field etc. ( 4) When the main shaft using electromagnetic clutch gear mechanical transmission, more hair magnet combined with the main shaft parts should use nonmagnetic materials for installation. ( 5) Magnets shall be installed directly on the main shaft, in order to prevent the gap of mechanical transmission system influence on the positioning. ( 6) Between the magnetic sensor and amplifier connecting cable to keep clean, prevent aging. 2. Specific coding spindle must stop ( 1) Must stop control ( 2) The encoder installed ( 3) Connect 3 encoder. Numerical control system to control the quasi must stop stop control mode was done by a numerical control system, using this way must stop control need to pay attention to the following questions. ( 1) Numerical control system to have the function of the spindle closed-loop control. ( 2) The function of the main shaft driving device should have entered into a state of servo. ( 3) Usually for convenience. Adopt motor shaft end encoder feedback signal to the numerical control system, then the main shaft transmission chain influence accuracy may be aimed at stopping accuracy. No matter what must stop solution ( Especially for magnetic sensor spindle must stop) When the need to install components in the main shaft, the balance should be paid attention to the problem. Because of the high precision nc machine tool spindle and high speed, and so strict in dynamic equilibrium. Generally for medium speed spindle under a little balance not have too much of a problem, but when spindle at high speed, the balance amount may lead to the main shaft vibration, in order to adapt to the needs of high speed spindle, abroad have developed the whole ring type magnetic sensor spindle must stop motion, because the magnetic body hair is whole ring, dynamic balance is better.
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