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The choice of the nc vertical lathe reference what pay attention to?

by:SNK     2020-08-28
The choice of the nc vertical lathe reference what pay attention to? Release date: 2017 12 - 28 clicks: 3628 CNC vertical lathe, and other lathe compared with strong adaptability. Use other machine tool in processing complicated shape parts, often need to quite a number of artifacts, fixture, as a result, their production technical preparation cycle is very long, replacement of workpiece and fixture to manufacture workpieces. While the use of CNC vertical lathe processing complex artifacts, just a small amount of work, between county, therefore, its production technology preparation time and cost are saved. Secondly, products of high precision, CNC vertical lathe products good consistency and stable quality. A ship nc device output equivalent to zero. 0 l mm, machine tool transmission chain of reverse screw pitch error of gear and teach cup etc can through numerical control device to automatically compensate; Therefore, high positioning accuracy of CNC vertical lathe, for small and medium sized machine tools, positioning accuracy can reach 0. 3 mm, repetitive positioning accuracy can be achieved. When processing the same parts, due to the use of the same process, cutting tool machining is mark are exactly the same, the spindle speed and tool feed rate is the same; Therefore, nc vertical lathe machining parts precision good consistency and high product qualification rate. High production efficiency. CNC vertical lathe spindle speed and feed rate than other types of machine tools, which provides the possibility of cutting parameter. CNC vertical lathe adaptable, replace the machining is very convenient, thereby reducing the machine downtime, natural relatively increased the effective processing time. Nc vertical lathe USES the domestic and foreign advanced technology, the computer modularization design, a new structure, good stability and precision of cost-effective, equipment cover an area of an area small, packing card convenient save human, particularly suited to many varieties, small batch processing characteristics. When choosing CNC vertical lathe, we can: choose according to reliability; Reliability is the guarantee to improve product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of the nc vertical lathe is refers to the vertical lathe under prescribed conditions to perform its function, run stably for a long time without fail. The MTBF is long, even if there is something wrong with the, short time internal energy recovery, to be put into use. Choose reasonable structure, fine workmanship, and has set up a batch production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the numerical control system. Accessories and tools to choose; Car accessories, spare parts and supply capacity, cutting tools, have been put into operation in the CNC vertical lathe, turning center, it is very important, choose the sex of form a need to carefully consider the cutting tool and machine tool accessories. Parts of the process; Requirement basically is the structure size of parts, processing range and accuracy requirements, in accordance with the requirements of precision CNC vertical lathe, the workpiece dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness requirements to choose the control precision of numerical control lathe, according to the performance price ratios do choose function, accuracy is not idle, not waste, don't choose has nothing to do with his/her needs. Pay more attention to the identity of the nc vertical lathe control system, Generally choose the same vendor's product, should choose at least the same manufacturer's control system, the maintenance work to bring great convenience.
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