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The cause of the small CNC lathe processing dimensional deviation

by:SNK     2020-08-25
The reason of small CNC lathe processing dimensional deviation release date: 2019 - 11 - 12 author: click: it is well known that small CNC lathe is equipped with CNC CNC system, servo control system and other control devices and actuators such as high precision feeding system, tool storage, a new type of processing equipment. From processing the form, it and so far every machine is different. Small CNC lathe is a automatic processing and composite centralized processing as one of the high precision and efficient processing equipment. However, factors, which affect the final machining accuracy of workpiece and machining efficiency. Talk to everyone here are small CNC lathe processing dimensional deviation the cause and the solution measures. One, the main cause of workpiece processing dimensional deviation as we know, nc lathe consists of control system, servo drive device, servo motor and mechanical feeding device, a workbench, a feedback measurement devices, etc. Workpiece machining, CNC numerical control system of digital operation after send control signal to the servo drive, drive servo motor rotation, then through mechanical hand table feed unit, relative movement between the workpiece and cutting tool, at the same time position detection feedback device actual relative movement between the workpiece and cutting tool into electrical signal feedback to the CNC numerical control device, the numerical control device will command transfer amount compared with the feedback of the actual amount transfer, so as to work out to meet the requirements of process design artifacts. But in small CNC lathe processing, often appear between the workpiece and cutting tool has not fully carried out in accordance with the instruction value relative to mobile, machining parts size does not accord with design. Thus appear processing dimensional deviation phenomenon from happening. Usually the cause of such failure mainly include: servo motor of the actual transfer value dislocation with instruction, but the actual workpiece and tool relative movement did not meet requirements; Servo motor of the actual transfer value dislocation with instruction; Machine drive system back to zero position deviation; Interference or pulse loss and mechanical failure for several reasons. Second, the solution of the workpiece machining dimension deviation in front, as we have said, equipped with CNC numerical control lathe numerical control system and servo control system of electronic control devices, usually have this kind of system error compensation function, which USES the software compensation is to prevent and solve processing dimensional deviation is direct and effective method. Mainly includes two measures such as cutting tool compensation and interpolation algorithm. 1, interpolation algorithm compensation: as we know, numerical control lathe numerical control system of the data value can only be for a period of the beginning and end of the trajectory coordinates, therefore, between the start and end to 'data points close', we call this process the interpolation process. Through interpolation can real-time control tool in the whole process of cutting trajectory, much lower because of some unpredictable reason the effects on the workpiece machining size is too large. So as to realize the high precision of workpiece processing. 2, the cutting tool compensation: by cutting tool compensation prevention CNC lathe processing dimensional deviation is too big, is as the main means of compensation, however, must carry on the cutter compensation before and after the first deal with two sections, the type of track transition for transfer line and arc have four forms, linear and linear phase respectively, linear and circular arc, arc into the straight line and arc and arc. According to two pieces of program trajectory vector Angle and the direction of the cutting tool compensation are different, the period of transition of tool radius compensation program is divided into extension type, type and insertion and three kinds of switching transition mode.
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