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The cause of the crash program of numerical control lathe processing with parameter setting problem

by:SNK     2020-09-04
The cause of the crash program of numerical control lathe processing with the problem of setting parameters release date: 2015 - 09 - 24 clicks: 2824 a, CNC lathe processing program itself problems ( 1) Because the system part of the G code mode ( Modal, the former has been effective in other group G code instructions) , if the program before a processing program, or specified in the procedures section G code, not cancelled at the end of the procedures section, the G code of the next process or paragraphs will continue to be valid, it might cause machine misoperation and even lead to crash. ( 2) If the suspension of the machine, after the processing procedure in the process of modification, insertion or deletion, and then continue to perform this procedure, will lead to unexpected machine operation. In a word, is used to process for modification, insert or delete is very dangerous, in principle, don't do STH without authorization. ( 3) Should also pay attention to the cutting tool (that Rest) Stogether with equipment, artifacts, fixture, such as interference, such as vertical lathe manufacturer, has set a fixed in cutting point, some users to improve the efficiency of processing to more change knife point, must ensure that the tool change point in a safe place. ( 4) Clear drawing intention, careful programming. For example G90X/Z absolute value instruction: according to the instruction of coordinate values; G91U/W increment value instruction: in accordance with the instructions of mobile distance running. General nc system allows the absolute value of relative to mix, so it must be carefully to write programs. Program for processing, often through a test run to ensure machine work properly, can not install workpiece and tool, for example, using single segment, such as feed rate or machine lock check for correct operation of machine tool. Second, the numerical control lathe parameter setting is wrong or error changes ( 1) CNC system will typically have a metric, inch conversion functions, but to convert the metric/inch, not transformation for example, the workpiece origin offset value, all kinds of parameters and the location of the current data measured. Before running the machine tool, therefore, must be carefully confirmed the effective unit of such data. The CNC system metric/inch setting methods varies from system to system. In FANUC system, set up 0000 # 2 ini for/inch switch parameters. Press [in KND nc system operation interface Set up] Software key, set parameters page, in which can choose the program input unit is inch or mm, usually default to mm. ( 2) Numerical control system in the program, also made detailed instructions for decimal values, because the numerical with decimal point and with no decimal point.
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