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The basic requirements of nc machine tool structure of lathe bed and structure types are introduced

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Nc machine tool an introduction to the basic requirements and structure types of lathe bed structure release date: 2015 - 06 - 29 clicks: 3421 times, numerical control machine tool of the basic requirements of nc machine tools bed structure of lathe bed is the foundation of the whole machine tool bearing parts, are commonly used to important components such as guide rail, spindle box is placed. In order to meet the numerical control machine high speed, high precision, high productivity, high reliability and high degree of automation, compared with the ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools should have higher static and dynamic stiffness, vibration resistance. Nc machine tool lathe bed is mainly in the following four aspects put forward higher request 1, high precision and accuracy stable on the bed there are a lot of installation of parts processing surface and the moving parts of rail surface, the surface itself and position accuracy requirement of high precision, and can keep for a long time. In addition, the machine tool in cutting process, all of the static, dynamic load finally tend to the bed, so, the stress of the bed body is very complex. For, in order to ensure the component position or relative motion between fine, in addition to meet the requirements of precision location of geometry size, you also need to satisfy, dynamic stiffness, vibration resistance, thermal stability and process's technical requirements. 2, should have enough static stiffness, dynamic stiffness, static include: lathe bed of local stiffness and structural stiffness, contact stiffness, should take corresponding measures, and finally to have higher stiffness than the quality. Dynamic stiffness directly reflect the dynamic characteristics of machine tool, in order to keep the machine tool under the action of alternating load has higher resistance to deformation ability and forced vibration and self-excited vibration resistance ability, can be appropriately increased damping, and the measures of improving the natural frequency to avoid resonance because of the thin wall vibration and noise. 3, good thermal stability for nc machine tools, especially high precision CNC machine tools, thermal stability has become a prominent problem, must be on the design of thermal deformation is small, make the whole machine or hot deformation have less effect on the machining accuracy. Second, the structure of the nc machine tool lathe bed 1, nc machine tools bed structure depending on the type of nc machine tools, the structure of lathe bed has a variety of forms. For example, the structure of nc lathe bed has a flat bed, oblique bed CNC lathe, horizontal lathe bed guide rail and vertical lathe bed four types, such as the slant bed structure also can be designed as enclosed section, which greatly improved the rigidity of the lathe bed. 吗? CNC milling machine, machining center, this kind of nc machine tool structure and CNC lathe bed is different. For example, the machining center lathe bed has fixed column and mobile column type two kinds. The former general applicable to small and medium-sized vertical and horizontal machining center. While the latter is divided into the overall T t-shaped bed lathe bed and lathe bed apart before and after assembly. T lathe bed refers to the lathe bed is made up of transverse before bed ( Also called horizontal lathe bed) And after the vertical lathe bed (with it Also called the vertical lathe bed) Composition. Monolithic lathe bed, rigidity and accuracy stable are good, but it brings to the casting and machining great inconvenience, especially large and medium-sized overall machine tool lathe bed, have to large equipment manufacturing. 2, cross section shape of the nc machine tool lathe bed, numerical control machine tool lathe bed is usually enclosure structure, rational design of lathe bed section shape and size, the reasonable arrangement of the stiffened plate structure can be gained under the lesser quality high static stiffness and natural frequency of the appropriate. Stiffened plates and the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement plate, the bending stiffness and torsional stiffness has significant effects; MiZiXing stiffened plate and well glyph steel plate bending stiffness is also high, especially MiZiXing is higher. Lathe bed stiffened plate set according to the structure of lathe bed and load distribution for commonly, meet the requirements of lathe bed rigidity and vibration resistance, v-shaped bar can strengthen part of guide bearing stiffness, rhombic and diagonal reinforcement structure can obviously enhance the lathe bed torsional rigidity, and easy to design into a closed box structure.
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