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The basic condition of the slant bed CNC lathe to understand

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Slant bed CNC lathe need to understand the basic situation of the release date: 2018 - 05 - 23 clicks: 2640 slant bed CNC lathe need to understand the basic situation of the slant bed CNC lathe is a kind of comprehensive precise numerical control lathe, not only is of high accuracy, but also more durable, not only look good, and good practicability, feeding machine and go all, and many other advantages. So, this kind of equipment in areas such as aviation, electronics, watches and clocks are widely used, especially the high precision and batch and complex shape parts, we must adopt this kind of machine tool for processing, in order to make sure the parts manufacturing can meet the requirements of precision. Slant bed basic situation of nc lathe is introduced: 1. The general characteristics of the slant bed in actual machining, the slant bed CNC lathes with matching power tool function and 8 turret head, so it is in the machining process of different products can play an important role, especially in small and medium-sized batch products in the processing of a variety of products, apply; Especially in complex, high-precision parts obviously have the advantages of other products do not have. 2. Slant bed CNC lathe commissioning preparation before use, slant bed CNC lathe by geometric accuracy inspection qualified, and then clean up the machine. Specifically, is to use cotton cloth or silk containing detergent to wash, this stage may not use cotton or gauze, lest appear machine jam phenomenon, that is to say, the slant bed CNC lathes in the factory to protect the guideway and the machined surface and coated with anti-rust oil or wash away anti-rust paint, clean the surface dirt at the same time. At the same time, in the sliding surface and face paint factory designated lubricating oil. Carefully check the slant bed CNC lathe parts have add oil filled according to relevant requirements, the adequacy of cooling liquid cooling box. Machine tool hydraulic station, automatic oil lubrication device between whether can achieve oil level instructions specified parts. At the same time and switch of the electric control box components is normal, check all instrumentation integrated circuit boards are in normal operation. Electrified, we have to start the centralized lubrication hin, and lubricant to ensure lubricating parts have enough oil on the road, to prepare for the machine before use a series of work. 3. Oblique the installation of lathe bed CNC lathe bed CNC lathe on the basis, must be in a free state, leveling, and through the anchor bolt locking. In terms of ordinary machine tool, the level readings will not higher than 0. 04/1000 mm, and if it is a high precision nc machine tools, level is not higher than 0. 02/1000mm。 The installation precision is measured in, we tend to be under constant temperature, temperature measurement tools over a period of time shall be used later. Slant bed CNC lathes in the installation, should as far as possible to reduce the numerical control machine tool caused by forced deformation of the installation method. Slant bed CNC lathe installation can not be casually take certain parts of the machine tool to be removed, if removed some parts, is likely to cause stress in CNC lathe is allocated to once again, which affect precision of machine tools.
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