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The basic concept of nc lathe programming, and the content of the manual programming

by:SNK     2020-08-29
The basic concept of nc lathe programming, and the content of the manual programming release date: 2016 - 02 - 26 clicks: 2392 a, 1, the basic concept of nc lathe programming nc machining programming: from drawings to make the whole process of control medium. The parts machining information: order, the size of the parts contour track, the process parameters ( F (S, T) And the auxiliary actions ( Variable speed, tool change, coolant start-stop, workpiece clamping loosen, etc. ) Laws and regulations with such as words, Numbers, symbols of code according to certain format write processing program list, and the program of control information into the whole process of the medium. 2, the commonly used programming methods are: manual programming and automatic programming two kinds. Manual programming, the programming process performed by manual. High demand for programmers ( Not only familiar with the rules of nc code and programming, but also must be able to machining process knowledge and numerical calculation) Automatic programming, programmers as long as according to the requirement of the drawings, in accordance with the provisions of an automatic programming system, parts of processing information in a more convenient way into the computer, automatically by computer program, programming system can automatically print out the list and the preparation of control medium. Manual programming is suitable for: not too complex geometry parts. 自动编程适用于:形状复杂的零件; A lot of work is not complicated but programming components ( If you have thousands of hole parts) ; Is not complicated but calculation workload big parts ( Such as contour machining, the calculation of non-circular curve) Second, the numerical control lathe and the content of the manual programming process analysis: step 1, drawings, this step is same as the ordinary machine tools machining parts of process analysis, namely, on the basis of process analysis was carried out on the drawings, selection of machine tool, cutting tool and fixture; To determine the parts processing process line, pace of work order and process parameters such as cutting parameter, etc. 2, calculating trajectory: according to the requirement of the drawings on the size and process line, within the selected coordinate system to calculate parts contour coordinates and tool motion trajectory, and according to the provisions of the NC machine tool programming units ( Pulse equivalent) Conversion to the corresponding digital quantity to these coordinates as programming size. 3, programming, and a preliminary check: according to the set of processing route, cutting parameter, cutting tool number, and tool motion trajectory, with auxiliary motion of the cutting tool compensation, according to the regulations of the CNC system instruction code and program format, write parts processing program, and to check, check the above two steps of error. 4, preparation control medium: the contents of the program list, after the conversion records in the control medium, as the numerical control system input information, if a program is relatively simple, can be directly through the keyboard input. 5, procedure of check and test, the control of the preparation of medium, must pass a further check and try cutting, proved to be correct, can be used in formal processing. Errors, if any, shall be to analyze the causes of error and modify accordingly.
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