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The auxiliary device to remember the maintenance of CNC lathe!

by:SNK     2020-08-27
The auxiliary device to remember the maintenance of CNC lathe! Release date: 2019 07 - 22 clicks: 379 times of CNC lathe assist device to remember maintenance! CNC lathe auxiliary device from the surface, with universal machine tool rotary table dividing workbench is similar, but it also has its own characteristics in the structure. It is mainly by eliminating device and worm gear transmission system, clearance of clamping device. Mainly for circular week to movement; Dividing movement. Dividing work table and nc rotary table is different, its role is to implement dividing movement, and rotary table the difference is that for indexing table cannot obtain round week. And degree of table is limited to specified Angle movement, such as: 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees. Dividing workbench for itself high precision requirements are guaranteed, so it must need and locate machinery used together, such ability can guarantee the safety of the machine tool. CNC lathe auxiliary devices including CNC dividing head, automatic tool change device, hydraulic pressure system. , of course, as a qualified CNC operators can't forget their maintenance: 1. CNC dividing head CNC dividing head is the common use of the nc milling machine and machining center and other accessories, its role is in accordance with the instruction of CNC gear rotary indexing or continuous rotary feed movement, the numerical control machine can complete the processing accuracy, therefore, should pay attention to in the operation in strict accordance with the use of CNC dividing head specifications and operating rules for correct operation. 2. Automatic tool change device of automatic tool change device is characteristic of machining center is distinguished from other nc machine tool structure. It is based on the function of the processing technology for the automatic replacement required by the tool, to help nc machine saves the auxiliary time, and meet in an installation step to complete the process, work in process requirements. Therefore, in the operation should pay attention to regularly check the automatic tool change device of the mechanical structure of the operation of each component is working correctly, whether there is abnormal phenomenon; Check whether the lubricant is good and so on, and pay attention to the reliability and safety inspection tool changer. 3. The hydraulic system ( 1) Regular inspection on inside the tank, filter, change; ( 2) Check the cooler and heater working performance, control the oil temperature; ( 3) Regularly check replacement seals, to prevent the leakage of the hydraulic system, ( 4) Check regularly clean or replace the hydraulic parts, filter, regularly check the cleaning tank and piping; ( 5) Strictly implement daily check system, check leakage, noise, vibration, pressure, temperature, etc. 4. Pneumatic system ( 1) Choose the appropriate filter to remove the impurity in the compressed air and moisture. ( 2) Check system oil medium oil sprayer, ensure the right amount of lubricating oil in the air to lubrication pneumatic components, to prevent the rust, wear and tear cause air leakage and element failure; ( 3) Keep the pneumatic system sealing, regular check replacement seals; ( 4) Pay attention to adjust working pressure; ( 5) Check the pneumatic components, clean or replace filter on a regular basis.
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