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the amazing rube goldberg machines of kiwi joseph herscher of joseph\'s machines

by:SNK     2019-10-09
For Joseph Herscher, there is no problem that the machine can\'t solve.
And, all the plans, this simple question will be solved in the most complex and whimsical way, and enjoy millions of people.
He built his first machine at five.
It tells the story of \"my lollipop\"
By the age of 12, he turned his household items into a machine for storing heavy books so that a small, thin child from Auckland could read by hand --
For free, he prepared a sweet home information delivery machine for his hardworking mother.
\"When my mom got home late from work, the door handle would pull a rope, press the play key on the recorder and receive a message from me saying \'Welcome home, \'because I have
\"Herscher now calls New York home, his talent as a dynamic artist focused on the lube Goldberg machines --
Complete simple tasks in complex but unexpected, fun ways using everyday items
Has won a smile far beyond his gray Lynn family.
\"The Lolly machine is obviously 5-year-
But I also noticed that it made my parents laugh and it encouraged me to continue to make sophisticated machines. \" The 33-year-old self-
Admit that \"big kids\" won both ways.
He shared his passion on Sesame Street and brain games on National Geographic Channel, and his video Turner won praise from the New York Times. At 9.
2 million Browse page turner-hands-
Free newspaper-
It was the most watched video on YouTube, and media attention helped him win the job of building machines for the brand.
\"It\'s a great way to use organic products that people will want to see.
It\'s easy for them to get a lot of online traffic and that\'s what the brand wants.
Herscher said: \"His latest machine cake server is probably his most elaborate.
The machine turned a piece of cake into a series of complicated events, including melting the butter, putting down the hammer on the laptop, and sending a borrowed baby to a ringing phone for three months.
Two more months than usual.
In the video he posted to his social media account, including YouTube, he looked calm. It\'s a ruse.
\"This is definitely acting.
I don\'t relax inside.
\"There is no favorite machine to ease his anxiety, and he also hates all the machines.
\"At the end of the day, I destroyed them all because I was tired of them because they never worked the way I wanted them.
Especially shooting. . .
It takes at least 20 or 30 times, and every time something you don\'t expect goes wrong, it will let you tear your hair off. \"[But]
Then you can get a magical shot where everything works.
It\'s like complete happiness to me.
Herscher said: \"The machine is usually about efficiency, so it\'s ridiculous and attractive to flip the idea over it.
\"Human beings, we are not just efficient machines that exist to achieve our goals.
We are naturally playful creatures. . .
When we see an interesting machine, it reminds us of our own game.
He particularly likes to help children see things differently.
\"By using everyday items in unexpected ways, you\'re basically teaching how to innovate and how to innovate, because suddenly, not only do you see any object, but what it might be.
\"This thinking is the same as the thinking that scientists and engineers need to apply to the world.
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