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Technology extension and new development of nc vertical lathe is analysed

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Technology extension and new development of nc vertical lathe is analysed release date: 2018 - 03 - 19 clicks: 2117 nc vertical lathe parts material processing properties and mechanical function determines the type of blank. Such as cast iron parts with forging blank; Steel parts when shape is simple and mechanics function often use bar stock, not high demand for steel parts, in order to obtain good mechanics function, should choose forgings, when the shape function of complex mechanical requirements is not high in steel; Commonly used material or forging blank non-ferrous metal parts. For machining parts is frame plane or high steps at all levels, selecting points - Linear system of nc vertical lathe. If the machining parts is surface contour, should be based on the geometry of the surface decided to choose two coordinates linkage and three coordinates linkage system. Can also be in accordance with the requirements of parts processing, on the basis of general CNC vertical lathe, CNC dividing head or nc rotary table, then nc vertical lathe system for numerical control system of four coordinates, can processing spiral groove, the blade parts, etc. In a massive, users can use special nc vertical lathe. If it is small batch and is often cyclical repetition and put into production, then USES the nc vertical lathe are very appropriate, because the first volume of a lot of work to a fixture, such as program can be stored up and repeated use. In the long run, a high degree of automation of CNC vertical lathe instead of ordinary CNC vertical lathe, alleviate worker labor productivity trend is inevitable. In deep hole processing, because of difficult to read scale measurement, often caused by the production efficiency is not high and the increased amount of waste, carry out the reform of the machine tool in recent years, some after equipped with digital display ruler, machine tool working efficiency and qualified rate increased significantly, nc vertical lathe has finished the improvement in the structure design, to give full expression to the application of the economic value of the technology and function: 1. CNC vertical lathe is suitable for the industries of machinery processing, can be used for the outer cylinder. Tapered surface. End face. Grooving. Cut, etc. Fine turning processing. 2. Workbench using hydrostatic guideway, spindle radial D bearings with high precision, high rotary precision, large carrying capacity. 3. Gear box adopts chromium grinding gear, high precision and low noise. CNC vertical lathe speed driven by electronic encoder, electromagnetic valve, variable speed high reliability. 4. Guide rail sliding surface using plastic processing, improve the wear resistance. Centralized guide rail lubrication, is very convenient. Standard grating digital display device. 5. Machine tool castings with high quality mold resin sand casting, casting quality is high. Durable.
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