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Teach you how to grasp the 'six' of CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-27
Teach you how to grasp the 'six' of CNC lathe release date: 2017 - 08 - 18 clicks: 2998 times of CNC lathe using digital information to realize automatic control, is currently the largest domestic usage and coverage of the most popular a kind of nc machine tools. For learning teaching lathe more and more people, the vast majority of the secondary vocational schools have opened numerical control major. But some people will be hard to understand sometimes. To this, we summarized the six important numerical control lathe main points, and see it together: 1. Machine tools origin origin also calls the machine zero point. It is identified in the assembly, debugging tools. Origin of CNC lathe generally located in the lathe spindle chuck end face and the centerline of the intersection point. Usually do not allow the user to change. For machine tool of the origin coordinate system according to the machine tool coordinate system. 2. Reference point reference point is machine tool manufacturer in the machine tool set on a physical location. The relative position is fixed and the origin of the machine tool. Precision measurement to determine lathe before delivery by the machine tool manufacturers. Also some of the machine tool reference point on the X axis and Z axis is near the limit position, with zero overlap, so back to the reference point is also called back to zero. 3. Back to the reference point for numerical control lathe position detection device using absolute encoder, because the system position detection device on the battery when the power is to maintain the coordinate values of the actual location of the memory, so the machine is powered, don't need to return to the reference point. At present, most of the incremental encoder as the position detection device for the CNC lathe, power system, after the workpiece coordinate system coordinates lose memory, lathe although battery for a mechanical coordinates of teaching milling machine but only memory power machine tool coordinate values before rather than the actual location of the machine tool, so the lathe for the first time after the boot return reference point operation. 4. High speed setpoint anchor point is programmers in the programming, set in a point near the workpiece end face. When cutter quick positioning to this point, starting from this point interpolation feed, when straight line in stoppage time, generally set X 2 ~ 3 mm, larger than the cylindrical workpiece Z value to leave the workpiece end face about 2 mm. Set too close to the point, could be a collision with the workpiece blank, far away the feeding time is too long, can reduce the machining efficiency. 5. Knife site tool can be used as a locus programming and machining datum point is called the knife, also means to show characteristics of cutting tools. The commonly used numerical control lathe turning tool is mainly pointed tool, without considering the tip under the condition of small arc, a point that can be thought of as a knife site. The essence of the numerical control programming is described cutter knife site movement track in the programming coordinate system. 6. In more complex workpiece, the cutting point more knife in processing. Change is refers to the cutting point in CNC lathe processing program, relative to the origin of the programming and setting a tool change position. On this point rotating tool rest, installed on the head of any cannot and workpiece, the cutting tool tailstock, fixture, such as collision, otherwise the safety accident will occur. General tool change points are set outside the artifacts, and had certain safety zone, the actual measurement or calculate and determine the value available.
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