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Talk about nc vertical lathe consideration when processing large objects

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Talk about nc vertical lathe in machining large items when considering time: 2018 - 03 - 26 clicks: 2278 nc vertical lathe can be equipped with numerical control system, according to the requirements of customers with X ( Move tool post level) , Z axis ( Under the slippery pillow mobile) Two coordinate linkage function of feed. CNC vertical lathe main basis with thermal symmetric structure, improve the thermal stability, radial with high precision double row centripetal short roller bearing centering, axial with large ball thrust bearing load. Main transmission adopts the secondary mechanical variable speed planetary gear transmission structure, with a wide adjustable magnetic dc motor drive; Rest and ram with ball screw and nut; Equipment with each pump cavity preloading constant current static pressure guide rail; The whole machine working noise. Position detection device using grating ruler or pulse encoder. Nc vertical lathe in machining process, by a variety of external forces, including the movement of every components and artifacts, cutting force and the driving force, the deceleration of inertia force, frictional resistance, etc. The vertical lathe parts will produce deformation under the action of these forces, such as the basis of bending and torsion deformation, supporting member of the local deformation, fixed junction surface and movement on the surface of the mesh contact deformation, etc. These deformation can directly or indirectly caused to produce relative displacement between tool and workpiece, destroy the correct position of the cutting tool and workpiece originally possessed, which affects the characteristics of the machining accuracy of machine tools and cutting process, therefore, to improve the static stiffness of machine tool is the general requirement of machine tool structure design. CNC vertical lathe in order to obtain high efficiency and has high power and high speed, make it of all kinds of external load more vicious, process automation as well as make machining error can not be modified by human intervention and compensation, so the deformation of the nc vertical lathe influence on machining precision will be more serious. So, in order to ensure the high efficiency of nc vertical lathe in automation, cutting stability under the condition of high precision, its mechanical structure should have a higher static stiffness, have the stiffness coefficient of vertical lathe prescribed standards should be 50% higher than similar to common machine tool. CNC vertical lathe in under the action of external force, the foundation will be under bending and torsion load, the bending and torsional deformation depends on the size of the basic pieces of the cross section of bending and torsional moment of inertia, bending and torsional moment of inertia is big, the deformation is small, high rigidity. Moment of inertia of different cross section shape and size. In shape and cross-sectional area at the same time, reduce the wall thickness, enlarging section contour size, can greatly increase the stiffness; Closed cross section stiffness is much higher than not closed cross section stiffness; Circular cross section of the torsional rigidity higher than that of rectangular cross section, bending stiffness is below the square cross section; Has the very high in the direction of the rectangular section in size large bending rigidity. Therefore, by reasonable design of section shape and size, can greatly improve the structure of the static stiffness.
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