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Talk about nc lathe spindle assembly structure

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Talk about nc lathe spindle assembly structure release date: 2019 - 06 - Author: small make up click: CNC lathe spindle ladder is a hollow shaft. Spindle hole for by long rods and unloaded at the top through the steel bar, also can be used by pneumatic, electric and hydraulic clamping device. Taper hole for the metric 90 mm spindle nose, used to install the top and the former top. Sometimes also can install spindle, the use of cone with the friction of the direct drive spindle rotation and workpiece. Spindle backend cone hole hole for process. Numerical control lathe spindle is installed on the three supporting. Three of the top bearing roller bearing, front is 3182124 k of c-class precision type double row cylindrical roller bearings, used to bear radial force. This kind of bearing has good rigidity, high precision, small size, and the advantages of large carrying capacity, after bearing USES a pair of 7020 acta/P5DBB models of centripetal thrust bearing. Spindle bearing running accuracy for CNC lathe spindle and stiffness is very big, the numerical control lathe spindle bearings should be no gap ( Or a small amount of interference) Under the condition of operation, and directly affect the machining accuracy of machine tool, so the spindle bearing clearance must be adjusted on a regular basis. Numerical control lathe to custom about front bearing clearance adjustment method is as follows: first, loosen lock screw on the front end adjusting nut, then tighten the adjusting nut, at this time of the 3182124 k type inner ring is relative to the main shaft cone to the right, as a result of the bearing inner ring is very thin, and also like spindle cone hole, has 112 taper, therefore, the inner ring radial elastic expansion in axial moving at the same time, in order to adjust the extent of the bearing radial clearance or preload, after the adjustment is in order, screw the adjusting nut of the lock screw. The spindle radial runout and glaze to jitter tolerance are 0 0 imrrj. Numerical control lathe spindle radial runout of roundness and concentricity of the machined surface effects; The axial runout effect the precision of processing face flatness and pitch. In general, when the spindle to beat more than allowable values, only need to adjust bearing clearance before, just can make the spindle runout quantifiers within the whole to the allowable values; If the radial runout is still can not meet the requirements, should be adjusted after the bearings. Before and after the numerical control lathe spindle bearing lubrication, is by the lubricating oil pump oil, lubricating oil through the oil hole to adequate lubrication of bearings, and take away the heat generated by the bearing operation. In order to avoid jiao oil, at the abutment before and after using the oil groove seal, namely after the front nut and bearing sleeve on the surface has a circular groove of the section, the sawtooth CNC lathe spindle rotates, due to the effect of centrifugal force, the oil is along the inclined plane ( In the direction) Be left to the flange of oil tank, oil through the oil return orifice flow to the bottom, and then flow back to the oil pool in the left leg.
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