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Talk about nc lathe several big return route

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Talk about nc lathe several big return route release date: 2019 - 11 - 22 clicks: 290 times talk about nc lathe several big return route CNC lathe crash is relatively serious in all kinds of mistakes, in the event of a crash is likely to be expensive machine damage and affect the machining accuracy of machine tool, serious can also harm the personal safety. So when machining must return route of mastering numerical control lathe. In order to improve the machining efficiency, cutting tool or change from the starting point and machining parts and movement to close to the cutting point after returned to the starting point or change knife point G00 ( Quick point positioning) Way to exercise. Consider return route principle is: to ensure safety, namely no collision with the workpiece during the process of the blade; Consider return route, the shortest shorten idle motion and improve production efficiency. According to different parts of the cutting tool machining parts, the determination of escape route is different also, numerical control lathe commonly used three kinds of return route as follows: 1. Oblique to return route to return route ( Figure 1) Travel the shortest, suitable for processing on the surface of the cylindrical partial knife knife. Figure 12. Axial return line diameter, diameter, the axial return route is refers to the cutting tool along the radial vertical knife back first, when you arrive at the specified location axial return again. As shown in figure 2 of cutting processing using the return route. Figure 23. Shaft, shaft radial return route, the order of the radial return route contrary to diameter, the axial return route. As shown in figure 3 boring processing using the return route. Figure 3 CNC lathe tool change point Settings: CNC lathe tool for cutting point set is in the process of machining program must consider the question. In the safest place is the cutting point in knife rest or no cutting tool and workpiece on the knife dish or the position of the machine tool collision other components. Generally in the sheet small batch production, our habits change knife point is set to a fixed point, the position does not change with the position of the workpiece coordinate system and change. Tool change point of the axial location by knife rest axial stretch out the longest tool ( Such as the inner hole boring cutter, drill, etc. ) Decision, tool change point of the radial position by the tool carrier radial stretch out the longest tool ( Such as cylindrical turning tool and cutting knife, etc. ) Decision. In mass production, in order to improve the production efficiency, reduce the machine empty travel time, reduce machine tool guideway wear, sometimes can not set a fixed point tool changer. Each have each in each knife knife position. At this moment, compiling and debugging tool change part of the procedure should follow two principles: one is to ensure that the collision when cutting tools with the workpiece in the edge of the sword; 2 it is to strive for the shortest route in the knife, the so-called & other; Follow type throughout the & in the edge of the sword; 。
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